President Ersin Tatar addresses the 2nd Global Destination Exchange Forum in Berlin

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President Ersin Tatar, who is in Berlin to hold a series of contacts, attended the 2nd Global Destination Exchange Forum that was organised by the Twin Cities World Tourism Forum (TCWTF).

Speaking at the conference held at the Solwo Suites on Monday, President Tatar thanked the TCWTF for organising and inviting him as a speaker, where he stated that “the meeting of different cultures through tourism is of great importance, despite the challenges facing humankind”.

President Tatar underlined that the “outdated inhuman isolation and restrictions” imposed on Turkish Cypriot people are “continuing in this day and age of fast transportation and communication”.

Stressing the importance of diplomacy and dialogue, the President called upon the EU, and particularly Germany, to listen to the views of the Turkish Cypriot People and to take effective action to end their unjust isolation.

President Tatar stated that the Turkish Cypriot People continue to be subjected to great injustices through the isolation that is preventing them from direct trade and direct flights.

“It is time that Germany takes a fair and impartial approach towards the Cyprus issue and take a fresh review of its lack of equal treatment of the Turkish Cypriot People, who have inherent rights with sovereign equality and equal international status.”

The President said that the TRNC has an increasing demand for tourism due to its moderate Mediterranean climate, rich culture and cuisine, beautiful beaches, and the many historical sites dotting the country from past civilizations.