Prophet Passion asks Wife for Twabam S_X in a video

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Self-styled Prophet Passion has shocked followers on twitter after he posted a video asking his wife to go into bedroom for some ‘twabam s_X’.

Twabam which he says means ‘automatically’ or ‘things are going great’ to some, is apparently a code used by some underworld.

The wife who was outside their US mansion agreed but admits she was shy.

“Mama . . . what’s up my wife? Do you want some ah . . . s_X?” he asked. “Go wait in the bedroom, I’m on my way. Say twabam.”

To which the wife replied “Yes” adding that she was shy.

Prophet Passion who was born Panganai Java has become more than an attention seeker.

The so-called man of God is doing anything for publicity sake including throwing a free braai called ‘Twabam Nyama BBQ’ which unfortunately was a no show or getting escorted by Gule Wamkulu in Mbare as well as splashing money to Chill Spot Crew comprising DJ Fantan, Levels and Ribe as well as Enzo Ishall.

The fancy pants preacher has even directed a whacky video Highest Score for Enzo Ishall despite brickbats from fans.

The flamboyant Prophet Passion has been literally gone at lengths to show off his phantom lifestyle including top of the range cars — a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and even a chopper.

While it is true that Prophet Passion is filthy rich no one knows how or where he makes his money since his followers have since abandoned his church — Kingdom Embassy.

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