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PSMAS geared for the future


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) is geared for extensive growth in the future, the medical utility said at its annual general meeting in Harare today.

The medical aid society which historically assumed popularity for the wrong reasons has turned a new page as it gears for continued growth.

“In the early 2010s PSMAS faced turbulent times but after a major restructuring exercise and a powerful turnaround, supported by the members and service providers, the Society is well on it’s feet and looking forward to new challenges,” PSMAS Board Chairperson Jeremiah Bvirindi said.

In 2018 the company realised a RTGS$ 3 million turnover increase to RTGS$ 242million and anticipates the profit should grow in 2019.

The company’s success can not be fully mentioned without recognition from other firms. It is note worthy that the firm has successfully established a prestigious trophy cabinet following their five time Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Best Exhibitor Award in Health Funders Section among other accolades.

The medical aid society has constantly sought expansion to meet the ever growing demand for their services as well as improve the health systems of the greater Zimbabwean market.

“As a board, we focused on market expansion for health care facilities and appropriate technology with successful projects in Masvingo Medical Centre, Beitbridge Medical Centre, EMRAS training school Harare, Parkview Hospital Renal Unit in Harare, 68 G Silundika (Clinic Imaging, PSP) in Harare, Chiredzi (Phamacy, Dental, Labs, Twin Towers), Renal Unit in Bulawayo and Chipinge Medical Centre as well as  Rusape Medical Centre,” Bvirindi said.

The society also sought anti corruption mechanisms to try and foster ethical practices amongst all its dealings and enhance integrity within its workforce.

“A whistleblower hot line managed by Deloitte was introduced by the society during the period under review. This facility is available for employees and stakeholders at large, to report any perceived ethical violations,” the Board Chairperson said.

The society is tirelessly working towards new business synergies regionally as well as local diversified engagements that could better meet the society’s growth.

“The society is building a firm ground to deliver a sustainable future through regional partnership and and entrenching consistent sources of foreign currency. The society is also looking at creating local partnerships and expanding into closely related space that has opportunity to enhance member value such as Insurance and Bankin,.” Mr Bvirindi said.

The society is however facing some challenges as “membership remained steady with the drop in the private sector as a result of the harsh economic environment,” Mr Bvirindi added.

PSMAS is a medical aid society that offers health insurance as well as Medical facilities within the countries ten provinces.

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