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PSMAS launches Premier Lifestyle Wellness Programme


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The country’s biggest medical aid society, Premier Services Medical Aid Society, PSMAS, has launched the premier lifestyle wellness programme in Bindura.

The programme continues PSMAS’s efforts to improve the health conditions of not only its customers but the general Zimbabwean population.

“As PSMAS we set a course for the improvement of the lifestyles for our members and non-members. We want to influence a lifestyle that protects our members from diseases through employing a lifestyle that is health conscious,” Premier Service Medical Aid Society Lifestyle Manager Dr. Munyaradzi Mujuru said.

The programme seeks to reduce the costs associated with treating ailments and diseases through the prevention of disease surge.

“Some of the ailments that people are hospitalised for are preventable through employment of lifestyle trends that improve wellness and this programme is aimed at inculcating this culture within our members and the general Zimbabwean population,” Dr. Mujuru said.

The Premier Lifestyle Wellness Programme offered free health check up for some of the major diseases affecting communities.

“We are also offering complementary health check ups for sugar diabetes, obesity, aerobics, physical fitness and other vitals that include pulse rates and blood pressure among others,” Dr. Mujuru further said.

The programme is being done in partnership with fitness professionals in communities who will in turn continue to work within their communities.

The lifestyle wellness programme will likely see an improvement on the country’s life expectancy which has been on the decrease owing to socio-economic decline.

“This programme is also important for our sister ministry of health as it is spending a lot of money on medication and equipment whose use can be reduced through such programmes that improve on wellness. It also is important in increase the life expectancy which has reduced. In other countries people live longer owing to their daily wellness processes., Mashatise Samuel, the Provincial Sports and Recreation Officer in the Ministry of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation said at the launch.

The communities commended the gesture as an essential move towards healthier communities and nation.

“The wellness programme is an important step by the medical aid society as it keeps us in touch with the dynamics of general wellness that we should consider daily so as to facilitate for improved health for ourselves, families and communities,” Chipo Nemaunga a Bindura resident said at the launch.

The project will be cascaded to other communities with the potential of improving health conditions on the Zimbabwean social space.

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