Public Service Commission on user trials of AVM buses

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AVM Africa has engaged the Public Service Commission for user trials of its prototype demonstration AVM bus for some time. The AVM City Bus is locally manufactured by AVM Africa (Pvt) Ltd.

The Public Service Commission, the largest employer in the country, which offers its bus transportation to civil servants in provinces and districts across the width and breadth of the nation, on Friday last week announced support for local production by indigenous companies and participated in this demonstration intending to provide constructive feedback to AVM.

“The manufacturing of buses locally contributes to Vision 2030 imperatives through the Inclusive Growth pillar aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs and fostering innovation. The Public Service Commission fully associates itself with the national imperatives and, as a seasoned provider of bus transportation, lends itself to this trial run to inform market-driven research AVM is engaging in and to broadly support innovation in Zimbabwe,” said Dr. Tsitsi Chirume, the Secretary for Public Service Commission who led the delegation in a test run of the new AVM bus.