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Rapper MC Skettoh sends shockwaves in Zimbabwean Hip Hop music

By Phillip Ngwalongwalo

Rising rapper Pascal Mushore, 21, better known as Mc Skettoh is one of the most promising upcoming Zim-Hip-hop talents in Harare.

The upcoming rapper has not looked back since he dropped his first song titled Jiva, 7 years ago.

Mc Sketto also released two singles No love and Rimwe level which features his, brother Taku B in July this year.

Reporter Phillip Ngwalongwalo recently spoke to Mc Skettoh. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

  1. Who is Mc Skettoh?

A.Pascal Mushore aka Mc Skettoh is one of most the talented HipHop rapping artist, born and raised in the streets of Glen View 3 Harare.I started doing my musical career in 2011 when I did my first record called Jiva with Young Tee Studios.

  1. Many people in the Capital city have described you as a, Junior Brown lookalike, what is your reaction on this?

A.Well people might say so because sometimes they listen and compare my music but I’m someone who is capable of introducing good music which relates to our day to day living not like Jnr Brown’s music

  1. What happened after your last offering Ndiwe wega?
  2. I then started working on my Album called Time After Time (TAT) which will be dropping early January.
  3. What do you think needs to be added to Zim hip hop genre to make it more competitive on the international stage?

A.Investment through working together as one.

  1. Who are your top five Zim hip hop rappers?

A.Jnr Brown, Takura Mc Chita, T Gonzi, Taku Bee including me also..

  1. What do you have to say about the hop airplay locally?

A.They are not giving us enough time to showcase our talent and also our radio DJ’s are too selective to the upcoming artists.

  1. What should we expect from Mc Skettoh in the year 2019 except your new album TAT?

A.I will be looking forward to collaborate with other big artists.

  1. Which artistes do you intend to work with on your future projects?

A.Stunner, Jnr Brown ExQ, Takura and so many..

  1. Are you willing to be signed by a bigger label and do you have a manager?

A.For the love of musical career I am willing to be signed and I don’t have a manager yet.

Your last words?

A: My last words, never give up the dream keep on working and never stop chasing because its never enough.

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