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Reach Out Foundation gives disadvantaged children a lifeline

Reach Out Foundation distributing food to the needy

Mr. Dumisani Hamandishe, the founder, visionary, and chief operations officer of  Reach Out Foundation has said the organisation seeks to empower orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

The foundation was established in the year 2020 and is anchored on awareness campaigns, food aid, school bursary funds, and skills development programs.

Through the leadership skills, passion, and commitment of Mr Hamandishe, Reach Out Foundation has managed to mobilize volunteers, cooperates, and other humanitarian organizations on awareness campaigns addressing pivotal issues affecting children in Zimbabwe.

Mr Hamandishe is passionate about empowering children as shown by the establishment of clubs in Schools and universities aimed at grooming a generation of leaders who are aware of issues that affect the upbringing of an empowered society. Clubs established have so far addressed issues to do with drug abuse, sanitary hygiene, career guidance, and teaching the students about community-based service to motivate the young to serve communities on a voluntary basis for the development and benefit of society.

Through his ability to mobilize and lead, Mr. Hamandishe has managed to lead Reach Out Foundation towards the full implementation of the 4 Pillar Plan as shown by the organization’s partnership with the House Of Mercy Organization based in the United Kingdom on the Food Aid Program aimed at providing food aide to vulnerable children or child-headed families in Zimbabwe.

Since the founding of Reach Out Foundation under the leadership of Mr Hamandishe, the organization has managed to enroll 5 families under the Food Aide Program with the help of House Of Mercy organization UK which provides the food hampers for these families.

Reach Out Foundation has managed to provide food hampers for St Marceline Children’s Village and Shelly Cripps Children’s Home in Chikwaka. The organization has managed to distribute food hampers amongst the homeless children living on the streets an initiative that came to light and was jointly executed by Reach Out Foundation in partnership with organizations like Praise Foundation, NeRudo Foundation, and Decibel Trust in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child.

Mr. Hamandishe has set up systems for record-keeping so as to have a track record of programs, projects, beneficiaries records, donations, and proposals for evaluation of the organization’s progress. The organization is working with volunteers who are essential in the execution of the vision and mission of the organization with the monitoring of Mr Hamandishe as the founder, visionary, and Chief Operations Officer of the organization.

Reach Out Foundation has been operating without donor funding but the contributions brought about by volunteers and the members of the organization. Mr Hamandishe has managed to recruit more than 200 members who support the mission and these members include people from a diverse network who are dedicated to working towards the fulfilment of the mission.

Mr Hamandishe has managed to establish the School Fees Bursary Fund Program which has benefited many vulnerable children by providing them with school fees, stationery, and uniforms so as to further their studies and be empowered. Under the bursary fund, Mr. Hamandishe managed to bring Strive2Thrive

EDU USA, an organization that aims to assist children in marginalized communities to have access to education, to partner with Reach Out Foundation under a memorandum of understanding that has Strive2Thrive EDU USA assist students submitted by Reach Out Foundation with tuition fees to complete their studies.

Reach Out Foundation under the leadership of Mr Hamandishe has managed to establish the Skills Development Program that aims to equip vulnerable with skills to be self-sustainable. Reach Out Foundation has managed to partner with The Golden Valley Organic Private Limited on a project aimed at training beneficiaries in beekeeping and honey making a project that saw many beneficiaries producing honey for resale. Under this program, Mr. Hamandishe managed to reach an agreement with St Marceline Children’s Village Mr. McDonald to partner on a project to establish a Vocational Training Centre with Mr Hamandishe coming in the Operations sector due to his leadership quality skills displayed through his establishment and managing of Reach Out Foundation.

Mr Hamandishe has proved to be passionate about empowering vulnerable children and helping communities as he has been doing all work on a voluntary basis with full dedication to the mission with his personal experiences as an orphan being a strong motivation towards the establishment of Reach Out Foundation and his experiences working with cooperates locally and across the boarders he has managed to have a better background in administration.

Further reference can be obtained through the organization’s handles and fellow partners the organization has worked with to attest to the capacity Mr Hamandishe has in resource mobilization, project evaluation, and management.

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