Redefine, re-skill and reposition yourself, chartered secretaries told

Chartered secretaries must redefine, re-skill and reposition themselves in a way that enables them to come up with formidable solutions when challenges arise, Pan African Federation of Accountants chief executive Vickson Ncube said on Thursday.


Addressing the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe annual conference in Victoria Falls, he said what used to be imagination is what is lived today.


“We have ways of doing things by technology that we never thought about. Today, wherever I am, I am able to access my bank account,” he said.


He said it is time to start un-learning, learning and re-learning what was the norm a few years ago.


“Chartered Secretaries must redefine themselves, re-skill themselves and reposition themselves in such a way that, if challenges come, you are not confined to the destiny of irrelevance,” he said.


He went on to say it is time to move away from thinking about profitability to thinking about viability.


“We are all stakeholders. Let no one man tell a market he can buy us off,” he said.


“If you are going to be a chartered secretary who rises to the occasion, your professionalism must be covered by patriotism,” he added.


Mr Ncube said the African Union, having seen the challenges that face Africa, has come up with an agenda that would see Africa reaching set development levels by 2063.


“If you want to become a chartered secretary that rises to the challenge, press ahead with agenda 2063,” he said.