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Religious Organisations Condemn Mass Demonstrations and Protests


By Tatenda Mujeyi

Religious organisations convened a prayer meeting at Mabvuku Salvation Army Church yesterday and condemned the calls by some opposition parties to stage mass demonstrations and protests.

The prayer which was coordinated by Women Intercessors Network (WIN) under the theme ‘Prayer for peace’ was attended by other religious groups including Destiny for Africa Network, Civil Society and Churches Joint Forum (CSCJF) and representatives from over 35 different church denominations.

The prayer meeting called for peaceful coexistence between political parties since confrontations have the potential to affect the general citizenry.

“The blood that was spilt on Calvary is enough. If we do not agree on leadership issues we should amicably solve our differences since violence solved nothing,” CSCJF Chairperson Reverend Anglistone Sibanda said.

The prayer meeting called for peaceful operation on all spheres of life as the lack of peace was affecting societies.

“The Women Intercessors Network prays for peace in Zimbabwe and everywhere as the lack of peace has caused social decadence, wrecked the family unity, marriages and coexistence within communities,” WIN President Regina Katsande said at the event.

The prayer called for peace in the family unit as this was the foundation for peace which had the power to negotiate responsible solving of disputes and stopping threats of protests.

“Let’s inculcate prayer in our families. Our Children will not listen to us if we allow them to engage in drugs and misconduct. In the end, they would opt to engage in protests and violence which eventually affects the parents once they are in trouble, injured or die,” the WIN Chairperson said.

There was call to refrain from violence which affects the economy of the country.

Speaking prior to the event Reverend Obadiah Musindo said, “We have to know and familiarise ourselves to peace as the constant threats to unsettle the current government through violence and negotiating instability only affected us the Zimbabweans.”

The prayer called for respect of the constitutional provisions guaranteeing national leadership selection processes and governing.

“We just came from an election last year and already there are calls to unsettle a constitutionally elected government. Leadership comes from God and the leadership we have are God’s representatives and we should respect God’s order,” CSCJF President Reverend Sibanda also said.

The prayer comes after constant threats by opposition parties and affiliated civic groups on the looming protests that they feel are the solution to the country’s economic challenges characterised by an inflationary environment.

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