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Rutendo Gwatidzo’s Book “Born to Fight” A Masterpiece

In her book, “Born to Fight”, Rutendo Gwatidzo helps readers identify the different types of fights that come in life and shares some of the tools that can be effective in dealing with them.

Using a combination of biblical principles, testimonies from her life as well as advice that she has been given by others, she shares how we are all born to fight and how we can survive these common battles of life with winning strategies.

Her prayer is that readers will find some nuggets of wisdom that will encourage them and give them hope.

“While we are all born to fight, we must take heart and embrace the opportunities in every fight that we face to lead a life of triumph,” says Rutendo.

“I suddenly saw my mum running towards me with a huge and thick stick. I stopped while trying to figure out what she was chasing. As if she wanted to strike me, she passed me and then changed direction, motioning frantically for me to follow her as she carried on running. I swiftly turned and that is when I saw through the corner of my eye that a hyena had been following me. Probably all the way from the borehole.” Excerpt from the book: Born To Fight by Rutendo Gwatidzo Chapter 1.

What people are saying about this book:

“Having grown up in the rural village myself, I identified with the personal wild stories the author shares. I must say her stories are more captivating and dramatic than mine.” Imelda Tsumba.

“Rutendo describes the various levels of life and the stages she has traversed in graphic terms. One point that stands out: life is not for the weak or faint of heart.” Pastor Tom Deuschle, Foreword.


Rutendo Gwatidzo is a motivational speaker, mentor, writer, and team builder who is passionate about serving people in society and in the body of Christ. She is also a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She is the managing director for MRTG Trust Fund, an organisation that looks after orphans and the underprivileged through assisting them with educational support. Her vision is to extend this to millions of kids in Africa.

Together with her husband, they started Astro Mobile company; a smartphone and software business that grew into five different nations and won a continental award in November 2015.

Rutendo Gwatidzo is a proud Christian and she serves in the body of Christ at Celebration Churches International at leadership level. She is very vocal and relentless in inspiring hope and confidence to her listeners.

She strongly believes that what we become in life is a result of the choices that we make from the different circumstances that we find ourselves in. Her life background and experience has greatly influenced her to write this book…… Rutendo lives her motto.

She says in life, the struggle is real but the victory is certain, if one fights with winning strategies.



Many young people find themselves in situations and dilemmas where they are faced with choices that challenge their integrity and character. I wrote this book to share the principles that I have learnt of how to confront challenges the right way and overcome. As someone who has faced difficult circumstances, I have much to share from my experiences that can be of help to the next generation.


It’s unrealistic to think that you can go through life without having to face fights, struggle, or conflict. At every phase of life, you must overcome some obstacle or hindrance to be able to get to the next stage. The struggle is real, but we don’t have to fear or avoid it. We are born to fight but don’t lose heart, because if we are born to fight then we are destined to win.


There are timeless principles we can always draw on as winning battle strategies when we want to achieve a certain victory. We were created to lead a life of victory and to enjoy those victories with celebration. Come on the journey with me through the pages of this book. We will laugh, smile, and learn. You don’t want to miss this.


“In this gem of a book, Rutendo Gwatidzo unequivocally challenges everyone to take a conscious stance and never to accept failure by being reluctant to fight.” Dr.Patson Dzamara: Author (late)

“Born to fight is the perfect message of our time. In the words of Martin Luther King Junior “If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”. These remarks are in light of the fact that every stage of life presents with it its own challenges.” Edna Mukurazhizha: Founder-Woman Excel & CEO Empowered Woman Excel SACCo Bank.

“This is a testimony that, if you are a true believer, then expect your faith to be tested as truly illustrated by Rutendo’s real-life experiences which she un-hesitantly poured out in this book.” Chamu Chiwanza: President, Affirmative Action Group.

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