Ruwa Mayor Engages Local Stakeholders in Decision-Making


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Ruwa Mayor, Councillor Michael Mataruka, convened a meeting on Tuesday with various local stakeholders, including pastors, business leaders, fellow councillors, and resident associations, to discuss crucial issues relating to the town’s ongoing development.
Reflecting on the meeting, Mayor Mataruka emphasized the importance of stakeholder engagement and described the discussions as candid and productive.
He stated that the meeting aimed to address important matters pertinent to the town’s advancement, such as the approval of the town’s budget, progress on the master plan, service delivery improvements, collection of rates from residents, and various key projects.
“Today, we had a very crucial feedback meeting with the local key stakeholders, including pastors, business leaders, small to medium enterprises, and local vendors. The main focus was on the town’s budget approval, progress on our master plan, service delivery, collection of rates from residents, and other key projects,” said Mayor Mataruka.
Looking ahead, Mayor Mataruka outlined plans for all councillors to conduct feedback meetings within their respective wards beginning next week.
The objective of these meetings is to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration between local stakeholders and community members, ensuring that citizen input remains central to the town’s development initiatives.
“Starting next week, as the council, we are going to host feedback meetings in our respective wards to ensure that we progress alongside citizens in our development initiatives that include service delivery, Damafalls Hospital Project and more importantly, rates collection,” he added.