Safeguard brings automated traffic barrier spikes to Zimbabwe


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Safeguard Security’s Engineering division has introduced to the Zimbabwe market high security automated retractable traffic barrier spikes, which can be used for traffic control, preferably in conjunction with a traffic boom.


The spikes can be raised or lowered by means of a remote control or be synchronised with an automated boom, so that when the boom goes up the spikes go down.


They are ideal for use in parking lots or parking garages, including those at airports, hotels and shopping or office malls, and for high security premises. They can even be installed at high security residential premises. There is also the potential to have them mounted at tollgates.


Typically in a mall parking garage, they would be installed just ahead of a boom in order to stop anyone leaving without having paid for the parking. When the boom is raised the spikes disappear, allowing the vehicle to proceed.


The first installation of these traffic barrier spikes carried out by Safeguard was at a residential property in Harare.


The below ground model is ideal where seamless traffic control is required for smooth-flowing traffic. The above the surface model slows down traffic as vehicles have to drive over the hump before they can pick up speed.


Both models are available in either direct drive, which utilises the sector barrier’s drive mechanism to raise and lower the spikes, or with an independent drive mechanism and control switch.


Safeguard Engineering general manager Tinarwo Chiremba explained that the spikes provide a high degree of security at traffic barrier access controlled entrances and exits, since they cannot be driven over until they have been lowered without having punctured tyres.


“The spikes are easy to install, operate and maintain. They are robust and built to withstand the impact of both light and heavy vehicles,” he said.


Infrared motion beams provide a safety control, preventing the spikes going up while the vehicle is passing over the ridge housing the spikes.


“The traffic barrier spikes come with a high-torque DC motor for reliable and responsive operation. They also come with a reliable battery backup that is connected to the system all the time to ensure they work even when there is a power cut,” Mr Chiremba said.


“All the moving parts of the spikes are removable for easy maintenance. They come with external limit switches that provide fail-safe operation. They can be used in all types of weather.


“The spikes, which are manufactured in South Africa, come with a full warranty,” Mr Chiremba added.