Safeguard introduces close protection service

Safeguard Security now offers a close protection service to ensure the safety of VIPs or groups living within Zimbabwe or visiting Zimbabwe from other countries who may be anxious about their security.

It is believed to be the first security organisation in Zimbabwe to offer internationally qualified close protection personnel for this service.

While Zimbabwe is a relatively safe country compared to many others, high profile business people, politicians and diplomats from other countries may often feel anxious about their security, given the image projected of the country in foreign media.

This may make them reluctant to visit the country, unless they can be assured of their safety. This is what Safeguard’s new closed security unit is designed to offer them.

Safeguard’s Close Protection Unit officers have all obtained specialist international training in close protection and achieved the Enhanced FPOS Intermediate Skills (Level Three Medic) and HABC Close Protection Operators International Level Three certificates.

Their training included journey management, executive protection and executive support. It also involved advanced driving skills, weapon handling, searching of buildings and people, and how to deal with the psychology of different people, as well as an introduction to kidnapping and extortion and how to deal with these.

The close protection teams are responsible for protecting either an individual or a group of individuals from any danger, including theft, assault, harassment, physical harm or kidnapping.

“In any operation, our teams first undertake risk assessments and come up with a risk profile for the person or persons they are assigned to protect,” said Safeguard Security group training manager Iain Henson.

“The risk profile will help us to determine the level of support required for each job. At this stage of planning we work with the client, making recommendations where necessary, prior to confirming a plan” he said.

“Thereafter, our teams conduct visits and risk assessments of all locations to be visited by the client, thereafter firming up the routes being used and finally add this information to the final plan.,” Mr Henson said.

Additionally, Mr Henson said, Safeguard Security is able to provide close protection services across borders in instances where the VIP has international business to attend to in other countries.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende