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Sarungano remembers Tuku

Sarungano (L) with the l;ate music legend, Tuku

By Herzel Mushayabasa

Afro-fusion artist and The Story Tellers’ lead man, Sarungano, has honoured the late veteran musician, Doctor Oliver Mutukudzi with a video to a track titled Mudzidzisi which was released on Monday 25 January in remembrance of the day that Tuku passed on.

The young artiste was groomed, mentored, and nurtured by ‘Tuku’ as he is famously known in the entertainment circles.

In an interview with this publication, Sarungano said he is honoured to be paying tribute to Tuku.


“Mudzidzisi is a tribute song that is on the album that I released late last year dedicated to Tuku.

“In the video, Tuku is seen having a conversation with himself and it seems like the conversation was linked to the Sarungano of today’, he said.

Sarungano the name, is the one that he got from Tuku.

After Tuku’s death, Sarungano took over and led the Black Spirits band whilst he was still a student at the University of Zimbabwe but now it is reported that he is into music full-time.

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