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Sekuru Banda intervenes in Tytan and Olinda Chapel squabbles


Singer Njabulo Nkomo better known as Tytan’s social media revelation that his erstwhile former wife and popular socialite Olinda Chapel hid her ‘HIV positive’ status from him has led famous traditional healer Sekuru Banda to add a voice regarding relationships and marriages.


“In marriages and relationships conflicts are bound to happen. It’s common cause that people in such unions fight or quarrel. My advice as a marriage counsellor is for feuding parties to seek guidance and counselling when their relationships are on the rocks. When they disagree, it is better to part ways amicably,” Sekuru Banda said.


Sekuru Banda had no kind words for Tytan’s decision to disclose Olinda’s HIV status. In what appeared to vindicate Olinda’s anger over the matter when she described Tytan as ‘evil’ following the disclosure, Sekuru Banda said the behaviour was not only disgraceful but criminal.


“In the traditional medicine parlance, it is important to respect healer-client confidentiality and the same should apply to marriages and relationships. What Tytan did is against not only Zimbabwean traditions and cultural values but applies to many jurisdictions in the world,” Sekuru Banda said.


He said even in Sharia law practiced in most Arab countries, there is need for at least four credible witnesses with sound legal standing for illegal sexual intercourse or infidelity before punishment is meted out on offenders.


“Personally, I am against divorce. No relationship or marriage comes into being unless God allows it. In that case, I help people from across the whole world in strengthening marriages and relationships. This is the reason why we even administer the central locking system on couples in order to protect marriages,” he added.


Of late cases of infidelity have been on the increase. Recently, social media was awash with a video of a woman identified as Mai Prince, a married woman caught red-handed while having sexual intercourse with a married man. Only yesterday, a Zimbabwean man identified as Ananias Mutema was bashed in Cape Town when he also had sexual intercourse with a married woman.


Terrence Mukupe, a former Zimbabwean deputy minister also accused popular South-African based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of bedding his wife.


All these stories seem to militate against the gospel of sticking to one sexual partner that is being preached by the National AIDS Council and many HIV activists.

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