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Service excellence a game-changer post-COVID-19: Munesu Munodawafa

Munesu Munodawafa

Zimbabwe’s Environment, Climate, Tourism, and Hospitality Industry Permanent Secretary Munesu Munodawafa says the sector remains optimistic that it will bounce back post-COVID-19 through investing in human capital and service excellence as part of the recovery strategy.

In an interview with Ultimate Tourism Chat podcast host Godfrey ‘Chief’ Koti, Munodawafa laid out the three-phased recovery plan which will be focusing on domestic, regional and international source markets.

“To the players let’s take this opportunity to invest in our people, service excellence will be a game-changer post-COVID-19,” said Munodawafa.

“We have been good but let’s get better, let’s take the opportunity let’s train our people, let’s keep them refreshed let’s keep them optimistic and ready. Let’s be ready to come back when the times comes.

“That is what we are saying to the players and we are happy they seem to have responded very positively however, we are also saying to the players; look at how as a country we have responded to Covid-19, we have followed the protocols and guidelines.

“We went into lockdown, we have managed to keep the numbers low. In this regard, we are saying to them, as you prepare to open, look at the protocols, World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols, and follow them.

” On another note, we have worked together as a ministry, ZTA and Ministry of Health and we are consulting industry let’s institute specialized and focus set of guidelines for operationalization within our sector and once these are out, we need to make them part of our DNA post-Covi-d-19,” he said.

Munodawafa added: “This is so that, the future guests then will come, there will be plenty of them, let them feel welcome, let them feel safe that they are in a country that not only responded well to the pandemic then but which continues to keep itself updated and also maintains the highest levels of hygiene.”

As the interview concluded, Munodowafa urged the sector to continue with the clean-up exercise and hygiene awareness and carry on with the same post the Covid-19 pandemic.

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