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South African Author Xolani Xaba’s Book “Destiny Call” a spiritual inspiration

“Destiny Call” by South African Author, Xolani Xaba is a book that proffers deep insights into the God-inscribed destiny of a person and the importance of picking up and fulfilling that call.

In an interview with Spiked Online Media, Xaba said the difference between personally-inscribed destiny and God-inscribed destiny is vividly illustrated and the difference between a career and destiny eloquently demonstrated.

The author said it is possible to walk through earth and die having fulfilled your personally-inscribed destiny to the detriment of your God-inscribed destiny which, in basic terms, is your divine purpose. True success, however, comes when you deliver that which God designed you to accomplish in the world.

“The drive to write this book was initiated as a consequence of my search to establish the purpose for which God had brought me into the world. What did He create me to accomplish? What was on His mind when He created everyone differently? Why has He preserved me all these years? God answered me precisely, saying, “There is a destiny you have to fulfil. You are not your own. You are mine. I designed you for a specific purpose that you should fulfil on earth.” I had no shred of doubt in my mind that this was God speaking because the words confirmed His written word, where the Master, Jesus Christ, said: “I am down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of Him that sent me.” (John 6: 38).

Xaba said human beings are on earth not to do their will, but to do the will of He who created and sent us.

He said one may have been told or felt that perhaps they were a biological accident, but there are never destiny mistakes.

“You have a special mandate from God. Have you identified it? There is God the Caller who predestined us. He had a masterplan, or blueprint, for our lives even before we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. The only reason for entering the womb was so that we could have a formal channel for birthing as children of destiny. God, who calls us to our destinies, uses different means to communicate His call to us. He may visit you at night to communicate the call on your life, just like He did to the Josephs. He may choose to communicate the call through an open vision like He did to Paul, or send an angel like He did with Gideon. He may also send a prophet to you like He did to David. God knows you intimately and will choose a way that you will best understand to express that call to you.

“The attributes of the Caller, who is God, are thoroughly dissected to see if you have picked the call from the correct source, thereby side-stepping scammers. The Called, who is me and you, are described and the difference of being called and being chosen is laid bare. It’s a good thing to be called by God. It’s an honour. But it’s a much greater thing to be the chosen of the Lord. Do not remain just one who is called, but strive to be- come the chosen one for Jesus told us that, “many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:I4). We see in the Bible the Lord calling the 12 disciples but for very important tasks and meet- ings, He had any inner circle of the chosen —Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, James and John.”

He said the path to fulfilling one’s destiny never goes unchallenged as one will will have to disappoint some people so that they can make their heavenly Father proud.

“The call to destiny may even cause your family, your friends and close associates to rise up against you for Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. (Matthew 10: 34-36).

In his book Xaba preaches that in their path to destiny, people should be ready even to be persecuted to the point of death, as in the end they will rejoice and salvation will also be brought to multitudes.

The call to destiny does not need someone to rely on their personal abilities because they are limited. They should rely solely on the power of God.

He says every child of destiny needs to be empowered if they are to succeed in fulfilling their destiny. The devil will fight their efforts to fulfil their destiny because successful execution of this call will see multitudes saved and liberated.

“He may use infirmity, demonic oppression or possession, untimely death, ignorance or even recruit you into his camp just so you will not fulfil God’s assignment on your life. Destiny fulfilment brings great joy and heaven will rejoice with that child of destiny who successfully runs and finishes their race.

“My goal and prayer for you through this book is to let you know of the higher call of God which is upon your life so that you answer and attend to it and that together, you and I may make the world a better place. I also strive to communicate to you that you will attract trouble because of what you carry. Remember, no major project of God goes unchallenged. Do not simply be a spectator on earth but, rather, be a participator. Don’t enjoy sitting in the terraces and watch others perform in the track. Get up and attend to you call to destiny.”

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