StreetNet International Releases 2023 Global Report


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StreetNet International Celebrates a Year of Milestones and Progress in 2023

StreetNet International is proud to announce the release of its 2023 Global Report, highlighting a year of significant achievements and impactful initiatives in support of informal economy workers worldwide.

Foreword by International Coordinator Oksana Abboud

The 2023 Global Report marks a crucial year in StreetNet’s history. Oksana Abboud, International Coordinator, emphasizes the organization’s dedication to amplifying the collective voice and power of street vendors and market traders. “2023 was an exceptionally significant year for StreetNet, a year of triumphs written together with our members and supporters,” Abboud states. The successful 7th StreetNet International Congress held in May was a notable milestone, reinforcing the democratic functioning of this global alliance.

Key Data and Insights from 2023

  • Membership Growth: StreetNet’s membership saw remarkable growth, reaching 753,757 members globally. This increase is the highest recorded in the organization’s history, reflecting the successful organizing activities at the national level.
  • Gender and Youth Composition: Women constitute 70% of StreetNet’s membership, with 58% of affiliates led by women. Additionally, nearly 22% of the members are youth, with significant regional variations.
  • Impact of Climate Change: Almost 80% of StreetNet organizations reported that climate change has significantly affected street vending, causing extreme weather conditions, increased prices of farm products, and forced migration. Specific impacts vary by region, with members in Asia also reporting mental stress, health issues, and indebtedness.

Key Highlights of 2023

  • Capacity-Building Initiatives: StreetNet organized various training and workshops to enhance the skills of informal economy workers. These included a regional conference on social protection in Nigeria, a childcare project in Rwanda and Botswana, and leadership training in Tanzania. The Social Solidarity Economy Workshop in Brazil was another significant event.
  • Educational Programs: Training sessions on organizing informal economy workers were held in Moldova, along with a negotiation skills workshop in Cambodia. These programs aimed to empower workers with the knowledge and tools needed for effective advocacy and representation.
  • Advocacy and International Engagement: StreetNet played a vital role in the International Labour Conference 2023 in Geneva, focusing on Just Transition and Labour Protection. The organization’s participation emphasized the importance of including informal economy workers in global labor standards and policies.
  • Global Outreach and Field Visits: StreetNet’s team visited affiliates and partners across the globe, including cities in France, Nigeria, the USA, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, and Cambodia. These visits were crucial for understanding local challenges and strengthening partnerships .

Conclusion by President Lorraine Sibanda

In her concluding remarks, StreetNet President Lorraine Sibanda reflects on the year’s accomplishments and sets the vision for the future. Sibanda acknowledges the collective efforts of the members and emphasizes the ongoing commitment to advocacy, capacity-building, and solidarity among informal economy workers worldwide.

About StreetNet International

StreetNet International is a global alliance of street vendors, market vendors, and hawkers working to promote and protect their rights. Established in Durban, South Africa, in 2002, StreetNet advocates for inclusive urban policies, social protection, and formal recognition of informal economy workers.