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SuperSport 1 ‘ReLive’, Documentary and Film Broadcast Highlights 5-8 June 2020


Going to the extreme – Don’t miss SuperSport 1’s world-class action

With the current shortage in live action, SuperSport has converted its channels to themed content focusing on the best historical moments – offering viewers the chance to ‘ReLive’ some of the greatest sporting action of all time – as well as fascinating documentaries and a film festival featuring the greatest sports movies of all time.

SuperSport 1 is the feature channel in regard to all three of these aspects and DStv subscribers should settle in for some amazing viewing on the channel from 5 to 8 June 2020.

The top ‘ReLive’ offering for Friday 5 June is the UEFA Euro 2000 final between France and Italy (12:10) which was won by ‘Les Bleus’ thanks to a ‘Golden Goal’ from David Trezeguet. “From 1998 to 2001 we were the best team in the world, like Spain later,” said French defender Marcel Desailly.

In terms of documentaries, Friday’s top pick is ‘The People’s Fighters’ (19:00). This Olympic Channel production takes an in-depth look at Cuba’s overwhelming history of success in the sport of boxing. Over the past 50 years, and despite being a nation of only 11 million residents, Cuba has produced more Olympic boxing medallists than any other country taking home 73 medals in the sport, 38 of which are gold.

Friday’s entry into the sports film collection is ‘The Waterboy’ (20:30). This 1998 sports comedy tells the story of Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) a water boy who loves his job and thinks dispensing water to dehydrated athletes is life’s greatest calling. However, when he is unceremoniously fired, for no reason other than pure ineptitude, Bobby gets a chance with a team that’s clumsy with a football on the field as he is with a water jug on the side lines.

For the afternoon of Saturday 6 June,  SuperSport 1 viewers should clear their schedule for ‘Grandstand’ (15:00), where hosts Neil Andrews and Carol Tshabalala will be in studio spending three hours catching up on sport with some fantastic guests as we begin to look forward to the return of our favourite sportsmen and women.

This is followed by a great African Olympic moment, as we ‘ReLive’ Nigeria’s ‘Dream Team’ which won the Gold medal for men’s football at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, United States. At 17:30, live guests will join the studio presenters via video call to recall their memories and anecdotes from the event, before highlights of the 1996 final between Nigeria and Argentina are broadcast from 18:30.

Saturday’s sports film is ‘Wimbledon’ (20:30). This 2004 romantic comedy tells the tale of Peter (played by Paul Bettany), an out-of-form tennis player, who gets a chance to play in the Wimbledon tournament. As he comes across Lizzie (Kirsten Dunst), an upcoming player, his game improves significantly.

Sunday 7 June’s top ‘ReLive’ offering is the UEFA Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France (13:50), with the former winning 1-0 after extra time to claim their first major trophy. “He told me he would score when I sent him on,” said Portugal coach Fernando Santos of match-winner Eder after the final at Stade de France outside of Paris. “The ugly duckling went and did just that. Now he’s a beautiful swan.”

The top documentary for the day is ‘Sporting Rivalries: Argentina v Brazil’ (19:00), which takes a closer look at the mutual enmity which runs so deep between these two South American football heavyweights, followed by ‘Stories from the 2014 FIFA World Cup’ (19:30), where behind-the-scenes stories and information is revealed from the global show-piece which was held in Brazil some six years ago.

Sunday’s sports film continues the Brazilian football trend with ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’ (20:30). This biographical drama tells the story of the early life of legendary Brazilian footballer Pele and his journey with Brazil to win the 1958 World Cup.

Monday 8 June’s ‘ReLive’ offerings feature a great Serie A derby between AC Milan and Internazionale (13:20) before a Formula 1 classic takes over, with the Spanish Grand Prix from Circuit de Catalunya (15:20). This 2016 race saw Max Verstappen, on his debut for Red Bull, become the youngest-ever driver to win a Formula 1 race, aged just 18.

The top documentary pick for the day is ESPN 30 for 30 ‘The Prince of Pennsylvania’ (18:00), which tells the tragic story of the turbulent relationship between Olympic wrestling stars Mark and Dave Schultz and multimillionaire John du Pont.

“While making this film I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Mark and Dave Schultz,” said director Jesse Vile. “I learned that not only are they two of the greatest wrestlers that America has ever seen but also that their deep passion and love for the sport of wrestling was met with many challenges along the way to the top.

“They faced the immense physical challenges of wrestling as they struggled financially to reach their potential in a sport that offered little to no funding. But then along came John du Pont, an eccentric millionaire who offered to give them everything they needed in order to realize their dreams. But what they and no one else knew was that du Pont would become their biggest challenge yet.”

Monday’s sports film is ‘Aspen Extreme’ (20:30), in which two two ski buddies, TJ Burke (Paul Gross) and Dexter Rutecki (Peter Berg), move from Brighton, Michigan to Aspen, Colorado to seek a better life.

Now is your chance to tell us what you want to see on SuperSport 1. Every weekday, from 1pm to 5pm, we will be reliving the greatest sporting moments of our time, as chosen by you, our viewers.

Using the hashtag #SSRELIVE on social media platforms, you decide what to watch! See your name up in lights, have your say and relive the sport you want to watch. Relive your favourite moments every weekday on SuperSport 1 with Viewers’ Choice.

Join the conversation: SuperSport remains your best choice for all the top action from around the world, and will be the first and best source of entertainment for when sporting codes return to fields, tracks and rings around the world.

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