Takanayi Mureyi chickens out of elections on MDC ticket

By Reason Dube in Masvingo
MDC -T Masvingo urban candidate for the National Assembly, Takanayi Mureyi has  chickened out  from contesting  as the party’s candidate in the forthcoming harmonised elections scheduled  for  July 30.
Mureyi’s candidature was hotly disputed by supporters of former MP Tongai Matutu and  Zanu (PF)’s Benjamin Mazarire over allegation of being imposed while the other two had been disqualified under unclear circumstances.
Mureyi, a businessman of note, has however, offered to support the new candidate set to be elected this coming Sunday at the party ‘s Rhodene offices. He said he would unleash five new vehicles that would help in the canvassing of support against Zanu (PF) candidate, Taguma Mazarire.
Mazarire who is tipped to retain the seat, is also a businessman and tried and tested politician, a former army officer and educationist.  Mazarire is reported to appeal to both Zanu (PF) and MDC-T youths that it remains to be seen how he would fair against a weaker candidate” as all names that have been cast around may not stand the heat.
“I have decided to withdraw my candidature for the national assembly seat in Masvingo Urban. This is because of a pressing position that the party has given me at the national level. The nation, will however, know what I will be doing in due course at the convenient time,” said Mureri while speaking to journalists during a presser  at the party offices on Wednesday.
“I will however, bankroll  our candidate’s campaign. I do not fear Mazarire when it comes to money because I have more money than him. Besides, in urban areas there is no need to flash money although I am going to oil the machinery so that we wrestle this seat back to us,” he said.
The primary elections held last week were marred by violence which saw election director, Farai  Chinobva taking to his heels  for dear life as disgruntled supporters were baying for his blood over allegations of rigging.
Inside sources said Mr Mureyi had been imposed by the national executive because he is a national member after Matter and Benjamin Mazarire were disqualified.
Disgruntled aspiring candidates reportedly raised the issue with the national executive which ordered Masvingo District to conduct re-runs that however, did not include the national assembly.
The primary elections for councillors also brewed a shocker as they saw sitting Mayor Clr Hubert Fidze being beaten by former Councillor David Chimombe.  Fidze’s deputy, James Chiwara also developed cold feet during a re-run when he pulled out, just before the start of elections.