Teachers’ representative bodies sleeping on duty

Following the negotiations by the Zimbabwe Nurses Association that produced fruitful results concerning the remuneration of the nurses, teaches have concluded that the associations that represent them are doing a shoddy job at their expense.

“The Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) don’t negotiate for the teachers’ good working conditions and remuneration. Giving us promises, diaries, pens and a shirt once in two years for the ten dollars that they deduct on a monthly basis, does not commensurate with the money they take from us.

“These unions have become toothless dogs. It’s high time teachers show that they are rational people who should not be treated as second class citizens and also show that they are the people who need to have their dignity restored,” complained a male teacher from Mudzi who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.

There are calls for teachers to  make a collective action that will see “these unions which lie that they represent them, feel the heat, as they cannot keep enjoying your hard earned money while seated in their offices.”

“If any of these unions does not take action by the month-end, let’s all stop our deductions to these unions until they fully represent the welfare of the teachers. It’s time you  woke up and smell the coffee.You need a recommended teacher – pupil ratio, go on leave and have your salaries raised to meet the current exorbitant prices of goods.”

Joseph Busha, the President of FreeZim congress urged Zimbabwean teachers to vote this 2018 election knowing well that the Mnangagwa government was treating them  as  second class civil servants.

Teachers are to be paid their 2017 bonuses after the preferred armed forces. They were forced to adopt and implement the  so called new curriculum. Investigations by Spiked Online Media revealed that teachers who accrue maximum leave days were not  allowed  to go on leave  whilst soldiers are enjoying their leave days.

“Teachers are paid their monthly salaries after the preferred armed forces members have all received their salaries. Most of them  teach in rural  areas where plastic money isn’t useful yet they are forced to withdraw $20 bond coins. The accommodation at most rural schools is below standard but teachers are not given bush allowances but if soldiers have any activity outside their barracks are paid bush allowances. Teachers who are trained for 3years earn far less than the soldiers who are trained for only 6 months. Teachers are  not paid transport allowances although they use public transport. Soldiers who use taxpayers money on uniforms enjoy free transport whilst in uniforms. This calls upon teachers to vote wisely. It is upon the  teachers to liberate themselves,” Busha said.

Raymond Majongwe, the Secretary-General of the PTUZ said teachers were their own worst enemies since they only envy the unity of nurses and doctors and pay a lip service without resorting to industrial action.
“All the education sector  unions met today (19 March 2018) in Harare and agreed to form a federation and  create a united front and speak with one voice and challenge  government to address our concerns. We agreed that all union leaders will march on the 27th of March to hand our letter of demands to the  President’s Office.
“The letter will seek to ask government to address our issues before opening of schools next term, failure of which we resort to industrial action. Because of this united position the PTUZ will no longer send our a demands as agreed.We are convinced a united front carries more weight. We want to thank the members who contributed towards this outcome,” Majongwe said