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TelOne connects Zambia and Zimbabwe through the fibre optic link project

The Makuti-Chirundu Fibre Optic Link project is part of TelOne’s network modernisation drive meant to connect Zimbabwe to Zambia and beyond.

This was revealed by Dr. Jenfan Muswere, the Minister of ICTs, Postal and Courier Services yesterday while presiding at the official commissioning of the Makuti – Chirundu Fibre Optic Link, a project which was successfully completed as part of the 2nd 100 days cycle plan of the Second Republic.

The Makuti-Chirundu Fibre Optic Link project was done by local contractors and created downstream employment of 850 people. The link is part of TelOne’s network modernisation drive and connects Zimbabwe to Zambia and beyond.

“It’s pleasing to note that the project was funded by TelOne’s own financial
resources and supervised by local Engineers. This project is part of the Government’s effort to upgrade and modernize communications infrastructure thereby reducing the connectivity costs of both data and voice. The Government will now be able to provide its citizens with affordable internet and create business opportunities along the way,” Dr. Muswere said.

The Makuti-Chirundu Fibre Optic Link is undoubtedly set to have a far-reaching impact on the attainment of the vision 2030.

The establishment of the Fibre link has completed the connectivity of Zimbabwe with its neighboring countries, specifically South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia.

The link together, with the BeitbridgeMasvingo link that was commissioned last year by President E.D. Mnangagwa, will provide transit services that
enable SADC member countries going all the way to Angola to connect to the whole world.

The robust Fibre network has earned TelOne the status of being the “Carrier of Carriers.”

“It, therefore, gives me great pleasure to see TelOne making great strides to ensure the realisation of network modernisation thus placing Zimbabwe on the world map. In addition, we give special recognition to the government of Zambia which allowed us to lay our fibre across the Chirundu Bridge.

“It gives us comfort to know that we have strategic three partners and friends who continue to stand with us in our quest for development, progress, and prosperity. I have no doubt that with this project and several others which “have already been launched, TelOne continues to be positioned as a strategic partner contributing towards driving technology and development of all other industries,” Dr. Muswere added.

Technology remains a key driver and enabler for the Government’s Vision 2030 that has been enunciated by President E.D. Mnangagwa.

TelOne Managing Director, Mrs. Chipo Mtasa said the link was constructed at a total cost of USD$1.5m from TelOne’s own financial resources.

She reiterated that the Makuti-Chirundu Optic Fibre Link is set to solidify TelOne’s position as a reliable carrier-grade service provider to both local and international markets. The link also gives the company capacity to carry domestic traffic for all players in Zimbabwe and transit traffic across to Zambia and beyond.

“This presents an opportunity to generate foreign currency as we immediately commence offering cross-border connectivity. The deployment of this link is a ground-breaking project for TelOne as we have constructed the backbone infrastructure using local contractors on the civil works. Our own TelOne engineers were responsible for the implementation of the transmission equipment.

“I am happy to say that we also created employment for the local community. They were engaged to trench and clear the route to which the cables pass through and the support that we got along the way was amazing. The project excited the local communities knowing that finally, they will have both voice and broadband connection even in areas that previously had no connectivity,” Mrs. Mtasa said.

She added that TelOne has been on a drive to improve overall business performance and it is through laying fibre optic cables in such critical routes that the company seeks to improve client experience in terms of service provision and deployment of new technologies.  

TelOne promises to offer the best quality service that is affordable to everyone and remains focused to be the leader it ought to be in the delivery of Technology, Media, and Telecommunications services in Zimbabwe.

The company takes pride in taking leadership in the Carrier of Carriers role where such information superhighways will carry every other operator’s traffic.

Mrs. Mary Mliswa-Chikoka, the Minister of State for Mashonaland West Province, said the potential in foreign currency earnings that this development brings about enhances the hope that province is getting its infrastructure right to deliver the economic transformation that it looks forward to.

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