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The 10 Best Kayak Roof Racks


To enjoy paddling at sea, you need to either carry your kayak or rent one at the beach. Since most kayaking destinations lack the kayak hiring facilities, you need to buy yours. Anytime you want to paddle, carry your kayak to the ocean and enjoy your day.


The only challenge you will encounter is transportation. Many cars and private vehicles are too small to accommodate a kayak. Installing a roof rack can help you carry your kayak on the car while heading to the shore.


This article describes 10 of the best kayak roof racks to consider buying.

1. Yakima Jaylow Kayak Roof Rack

Are you transporting a heavy kayak or two boats? Then the Yakima Jaylow is the ideal roof rack you need for carrying your kayak. The rack supports large vessels weighing up to 80lbs (36kg) or two kayaks that add up to 110 lbs (50kg). With heavy-duty straps included, you can firmly secure your boats on the rack. The extra-padded contact points also prevent the kayak from sliding over when you drive.

2. HandiRack Universal Kayak Rack

One of the advantages of universal roof racks is that they offer carriage for other goods apart from kayaks. With the HandiRack universal rack, you can carry your surfboard, boat, and any other luggage you need to transport. For maximum protection for your kayak, the HandiRack Universal rack has textured surfaces. These improve grip and the cushioning effect on your boat.

3. Thule 835 Kayak Carrier

Minimalism and simplicity sometimes dominate your choice of tools and accessories for your car. The J-shaped kayak roof rack is a simple rack that helps you to carry one kayak in the vertical position. The rack comprises two simple holders that make your work simple and appealing.

4. Ecotrick J-Bar Carrier

Regardless of your car model, the J-Bar universal carrier offers a complete solution to your carriage needs for kayaks and other luggage. The carrier has a high-quality steel design for durability and strength. You can easily adjust the carrier padding to make carrying your kayak more convenient.

5. Malone SeaWing Saddle Style Kayak Carrier

This rack is a pair of slim crossbars with saddle-shaped beds where you hook your kayak. They are easy to mount on your car’s OEM bars. Depending on the size of your car and the kayak, you can mount two kayaks at the same time when heading to the shore.

6. Thule Dockglide Kayak Saddle

Give your kayak a stable resting position when transporting it on your vehicle. Thule Dockglide rack allows you to carry any size of a kayak on any vehicle hassle-free. The four hull pads give you pivoting positions for a sable carriage. Any size and shape of the kayak will fit the position for an elegant and stable positioning.

7. The Kayak Wing

This kayak rack is ideal for carrying small kayaks measuring up to 30″. You can use it for sea kayaks, and if unsure, manually measure the widest part of your kayak to ensure it is 30″ or less. It may not be ideal for large kayaks. Sorry for the disappointment.


The wings come with quick straps for holding your vessel tight on your car roof. With the neoprene protector, you can be sure that your car and the boat are safe from scratches when in transit. Depending on your needs, you may use these straps alongside the bow and stern straps.

8. Vault Cargo Kayak Roof Rack

When you already have a roof rack to hold most of your items, you do not need to buy a complete kayak rack. The Vault Cargo kayak rack is a heavy-duty aluminium-based carrier you attach to your car roof rack to adapt the carriage for your kayak. The J-shape tool is foldable to reduce the space it occupies when not in use. The soft cushion attached to each bar on this kayak carrier allows for maximal grip and prevents scratches on your kayak.

9. TMS J-Bar Kayak Rack

Another J-shaped kayak roof rack for your vehicle. This rack is made up of heavy-duty steel to improve its strength and durability. The rack also has a wide mouth. You can easily load and offload your boat when going to the beach to begin kayaking. With adjustable padding, you can set the right space that fits your kayak for transportation with ease.

10. Malone Downloader Kayak Holder

This J-style kayak rack is a complete set of tools to mount on your vehicle for easier on-boarding of your kayak. The rack can fold down when you are not using it. The boarding ramp makes it easy to hold the kayak on the vehicle with wide padding for comfort when in transit. The hardware can easily fit on any type of racks – round, square, and the factory oval bars.


Buying a kayak roof rack should help you to achieve your paddling goals. The tool can help you to carry your boat, kayak or surfboard. However, the type of rack and its adjustability determine the size, type, and design of the vessel you can carry.

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