The downside of whatsapp marketing


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By Trevor Makonyonga
Versatile dancehall chanter Tafadzwa “Celscius” Mwandira’s new singles collection has been affected by whatsapp music distribution being done his producers and record labels.
The 18 track collection was initially on sale but after a serious wave of rejection by fans that opted for free online downloads caused the artist to give the album for free.
Speaking to Spiked Lifestyle, Celscius said producers must talk to artists before giving away music on social media.
“When we sing we expect to get something from the music but this thing of sending music on social networks is killing us. You cannot sell art to someone who was given the impression that the art is freely acquired. It is frustrating,” he said.
The musician’s publicist Fungai Zisengwe said giving away the artist’s work for free spreads the music though it while straining their pockets.
“We wanted to sell the compilation of Celscius’ old music mixed with new music but the environment is not conducive. We just had to give in for now but we would want the environment to change if the Zimbabwean artists are to live off their talent.”
Zisengwe also said the frustrations only made Celscius stronger. “Celscius is not a person who is easily moved. He is a spiritual person and as a Christian he is a very positive person. All he is focused on is making his music and making sure his fans have something to dance to.”
The singles collection includes hits like Wandinorota which features Xtra Large, Top Gallis featuring Freeman, Born Champion, Chiedza and Zvangu Zvinoita Zvega among others.
Celscius’ star has been shining in 2015 and the artist is showing no signs of backing down. The Warrior King, as he is also affectionately called, has been an influence of positivity to the youths with his encouraging lyrics.