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The informal sector to reopen: President Mnangagwa

By Anyway Yotamu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has moved to reopen the country’s informal market after over two months closure as part of his government’s attempts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In his address at State House on Friday 12th of June 2020, President Mnangagwa also reopened churches but maintained the number of congregants at 50 worshippers.

In reopening the informal market, President Mnangagwa placed conditions.

President Mnangagwa said all those in the informal sector, who have not formally registered themselves or their enterprises, are directed to do so forthwith.

Once they can prove that such registration has been made, he said, they can resume their operations.

Upon resuming their work, they are compelled to adhere to the laid down Covid-19 prevention requirements, such as the wearing of masks, washing or sanitization of hands, and social distancing.

President Mnangagwa said gathering for purposes of worship must remain at a maximum of fifty and in full compliance with all the Covid-19 prevention measures.

Among some of the new conditions, Zimbabweans can now travel when it is absolutely necessary.

President Mnangagwa also said the moratorium on rent payment, made during the early phases of the lockdown is now lifted.

He said rent arrears can be settled in instalments spread over a period of six months

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