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The Resilience of Apostle Batsirai Java: Unmasking the Jealous Machination

Apostle Batsirai Java
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Writes Alfred Mazungunye
In a recent revelation, a devious ploy intended to besmirch the esteemed reputation of Apostle Batsirai Java has surfaced. However, upon careful contemplation, it becomes evident that these accusations are baseless and motivated by envy. Moreover, it has been uncovered that a revered prophet is orchestrating these underhanded tactics, aiming to dismantle the ministry of Apostle Java.
An anonymous prophet hailing from Mutare has fearlessly come forth, shedding light on the coercion he endured to partake in a malicious scheme aimed at extorting and defaming Apostle Batsirai Java. It is important to note that Apostle Java is the elder brother of Prophet Passion and suffered the tragic loss of his wife, Vimbayi Tsvangirai, daughter of the founder of the MDC party and former prime minister of Zimbabwe, Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai, on June 10, 2019.
Reliable sources have indicated that Apostle Batsirai Java may be in grave peril, as an elaborate attempt to extort $50,000 from him has been unearthed. The informant further asserts that a coalition of prophets, led by a well-known figure, conducted a two-month surveillance on Apostle Java. Failing to unearth any incriminating evidence, they resorted to framing and trapping him in a web of deceit.
The syndicate cooperating with two retired state agents and a female perpetrator falsely posing as a CID officer has been revealed. Shockingly, all these accomplices are affiliated with the orchestrator’s church.
This coalition endeavored to recruit multiple women, primarily from a prophetic church in Harare, the name of which is currently withheld. Additionally, a 31-year-old woman, identity undisclosed, was ensnared into this criminal alliance by a Zimbabwean pastor based in South Africa who colluded with them.
Thankfully, the nefarious plot was unraveled when the informant from Mutare provided audio evidence to Apostle Java’s church.
It is no secret that Apostle Batsirai Java has contributed significantly to the Christian movement, particularly through his new church, Tabernacle of Grace, which has made tremendous inroads in African and European Christian circles. The remarkable growth and influence of his church are undoubtedly the root cause of the jealousy and envy that propelled this malicious plot against him.
Apostle Batsirai Java’s ministry has left an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape, and his inbuilt gift as a charismatic young preacher has resonated deeply with congregants and spiritual seekers alike. The innate power of his oratory and spiritual wisdom has captivated many, fostering a dedicated following that has expanded the Tabernacle of Grace’s reach across Africa and Europe.
The coercion and extortion attempt perpetrated against Apostle Java are not simply an attack on his person, but a menace to the foundational principles of justice. Both Zimbabwe and South Africa have clear legal standards regarding extortion, setting a maximum penalty of five years for perpetrators found guilty of such offenses. Furthermore, the act of threatening harm to an individual or a third party, to be inflicted by the perpetrator or another, constitutes a grave legal transgression, as defined by the law.
Given the severity of the actions taken against Apostle Java, those behind this nefarious plot must face the full legal consequences of their actions. In both Zimbabwe and South Africa, individuals found guilty of blackmail and extortion may face penalties ranging from 15 to 20 years of imprisonment, depending on the gravity and nature of the offense.
Amidst these malicious actions, it is paramount for justice to prevail and for the true merits of Apostle Batsirai Java’s ministry to remain untainted by falsehoods and ill-intent. These recent events serve as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and discernment in the face of such deceitful machinations.

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