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Theatre in the Park gives space for free thought

In their first installment of a well-structured artistic act called Poetic Dances – Aspirations in Proverbs, Theatre in the Park and Rooftop Promotions are giving a deserved platform for inter-generational dialogue to the ordinary people. A piece of artwork aptly dubbed Gorerino Hakurarwi Tisina Kuzvigadzira will be performed at Theatre in the Park on Friday the 7th  to Saturday the 8th of August 2020 froms 7 PM down to 8 PM and actions will be live on their Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

The event will see special appearances by one of greatest young talents in Zimbabwe, Mbeu and his Mhodzi Tribe crew. The show is being directed by Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi and produced by Daves Guzha with key performances (poetry and dance) by young artists like Dalma V Chiwereva, Leslie Gamuchirai Mushaninga, Kudzai Adam Mararirakwenda, Priscilla Jokonya and Elias Munyaradzi Mudimu. According to the organizers, the idea was inspired by the Zimbabwean tradition of Dare also known as Enkundleni which serves as a community podium for settling all types of issues arising within the community. However, with its style of ‘soliloquy’ and ‘rhetoric’, it vehemently fosters hope and unity while encouraging young people to stand up for themselves and face their situations for the betterment of their future.

“Gorerino Hakurarwi is something we have designed in such a way that people can embrace their circumstances and improvise solutions. It is also something we are doing to create entertainment to the people given that the global Covid-19 has caused so many problems in the creative sector while slowing down the entertainment”, said Guzha.

Meanwhile, the creative sectors in most parts of the world especially in Zimbabwe have been hugely affected by the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, various productions on social media, radio, and television have also been affected with most of them being put on hold precisely because of the national lockdown restriction which is meant to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. However, Theatre in the Park with their mother institution Rooftop Promotions have had so many productions that championed youth participation, peace, and governance among other subjects for more than a decade.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende