Theresa Pre-School to hold culture day


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By Kundai Marunya

In a day and age when African culture is slowly bowing down to the invasion of Western Ideologies under the guise of contemporary culture and globalization, Theresa Pre-School and ECD centre is stir children in a different direction.

Housed in Unit K, Chitungwiza, the pre-school will celebrate Zimbabwe’s traditional and cultural heritage in an entertainment packed Culture Day.

Theresa Pre-School Director Faustina Makwarimba said they plan to teach children about their culture.

“This is a day to celebrate our culture and teach our children about our roots,” said Makwarimba.

“I understand if you teach a child of a way they will treasure it and cherish it in their old age. All we want is to make sure our tradition and beautiful culture does not die down with us the older generation.”

The day will have the 50 children who learn at the pre-school participate in different cultural activities including traditional dance, poetry, music and theatre.

“We will have a musical where our children will take up different roles to imitate our traditional cultures of fishing, hunting, cooking and fetching firewood,” she said.

“Children from a selected primary school will also help this day be a success through their participation in traditional dance.”

Makwarimba said there will also be a beauty pageant.

“We will have a beauty pageant with our children dressed in traditional clothing to familiarize them with that part of our tradition.”

She added that there will be an exhibition of traditional artifacts and food.

“We will also have an exhibition of traditional foods such as mbambaira (sweet potatoes), manwiwa (watermelons), zviyo (millet), and mhunga (sorghum), among others,” she said.

Parents will also get to participate, making this an ideal day for a family hangout.

“Parents will take part in traditional dance showing off the moves there have been practicing. They will also sing a traditional song, making this a day for parents, children, teachers and guests.”

Among the guests the pre-school has invited officials from the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture and the National Museum and Monuments.

To top up entertainment, other local groups are expected to participate.

“We will have performances from a mbira group called Hweva Mbira. Other entertainment will come from Chawasariara and Brown,” said Makwarimba.