Trading of human body parts suspected in war between Israel and Palestine


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Writes Lloyd Rabaya
Palestine’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr. Tamer Almassri, has suggested that Israel may be involved in the sale of human organs as kidnapped martyrs’ bodies are returned with missing body parts.
In a statement, Ambassador Almassri highlighted that Palestinian detainees from Gaza and the West Bank are subjected to brutal murders and torture by the Israeli military forces.
“Over 27 Palestinian detainees from Gaza died during interrogation due to torture or the denial of medical treatment. Israel kidnapped dozens of the bodies for martyrs and returned them without other body parts like kidneys, hearts, skins – suggesting that Israel may be involved in the sale of human organs,” read the statement in part.
According to the statement, over 3 300 Palestinians have been kidnapped into unknown prisons while above 9,000, including 300 women and 635 minors from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, have been arrested.
The prisons and detention centres, Almassri regards, are worse than Guantanamo. Palestinian prisoners, women, and girls are exposed to all forms of torture or denial of medical treatment as they will be forced to confess.
“Similarly, Palestinian women and girls in Gaza are subjected to extrajudicial executions, threatened with rape, starved, denied healthcare, and humiliated by denigrating words by Israeli interrogators to force them to confess to charges levelled against them,” the statement continues.
The Israeli forces are also targeting journalists, as some are being threatened, detained, assaulted, and persecuted and about 80 have been arrested and over 144 killed, according to the statement.
As of 02 June 2024, the death toll had risen to above 36,400 with about 83,000 injured and an estimated 10 000 trapped under the rubble.