Traditional leaders congratulate Zimbabweans for peaceful polls, welcome ZANU PF victory

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Writes Elvis Dumba
Mutorashanga – Traditional leaders in Zvimba North Constituency have congratulated the people of Zimbabwe for showing political maturity by peacefully participating in the country’s general elections.
During a ZANU PF victory celebration held in Zvimba North Constituency over the weekend, Headman Katizagomo, born Gibson Jenami, paid tribute to Zimbabweans for heeding the President’s call to be tolerant and cherish peace before, during, and after the elections.
“I want to thank the people of Zvimba North Constituency and Zimbabweans at large. As traditional leaders, we are grateful that we experienced one of the most peaceful elections in the country. That is a testimony that we have matured politically as a country and we appreciate President Mnangagwa who at all times preached the need for peace before, during, and after elections. We are happy that you heeded the call as no country can progress where there is no peace and unity,” he said.
Headman Katizagomo also took the opportunity to congratulate ZANU PF’s leader, President Mnangagwa, and Zvimba North Constituency Legislator, Hon Marian Chombo who was offered another parliamentary mandate following her election victory.
“We extend our congratulations to President Mnangagwa for a deserving presidential win and for leading ZANU PF towards victory. Here in Zvimba North Constituency, we say congratulations to Hon Marian Chombo for getting the people’s confidence for another parliamentary term,” he said.
ZANU PF supporters in each of the ten party districts across Zvimba North Constituency also had their own victory celebrations where they celebrated President Mnangagwa and Hon Chombo’s victories in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
Both President Mnangagwa and Hon Chombo polled at least over 20 000 votes with the opposition scratching a paltry 5000 votes.
In other victory celebrations held in the same constituency, Ward 4 Councilor-elect, Lameck Zhanda, said the people of Zvimba North Constituency voted for development continuation by overwhelmingly endorsing ZANU PF.
“Here the people voted for development as we have witnessed tremendous strides made by the ZANU PF government in the past years. Endorsing ZANU PF is testimony that we want the development trajectory to continue,” he said.
Hon Marian Chombo, who was instrumental in infrastructure development in the constituency, ensured water provision, school infrastructure development, and medical assistance as well as grassroots development.
She was described as a hands-on parliamentarian, who, despite her busy schedule as a deputy minister of local government, always had the opportunity to attend to her constituency’s needs and was also one of the few parliamentarians who was always found in parliament.
Zvimba District ZANU PF District Coordinating Committee Chairperson, Bywell Mbiri said the people of Zvimba North Constituency have confidence in ZANU PF to deliver on its promises.
“The resounding win of ZANU PF in Zvimba North Constituency and the re-election of both President Mnangagwa and Hon Marian Chombo is testimony that the people of Zvimba know that the party has been and will continue to deliver on its promises.
“Zvimba has embraced the notion that community development is done by its own people. In Hon Chombo, the people witnessed how she is a hard worker both in government, parliament as well on the ground in the constituency. We have no doubt that whatever ministry she will be handed, she will deliver to the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.