TRM participation in NGOs Capacity Building Seminar in China benefits youth


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Writes Marlvin Ngiza
Chitungwiza-based youth movement, Teen Rescue Mission (TRM) participated in a three-week long Non-Governmental Organisations Capacity Building Seminar in the People’s Republic of China, a development which has been appraised and described as a major boost for youth empowerment and the fight against drug and substance abuse among young people in Zimbabwe.
Speaking upon return, TRM Director, Abraham Matuka, expressed gratitude for such an opportunity saying that he had learned a lot of skills and new ways that are going to be useful in their endeavors as an organisation towards equipping young people of Zimbabwe to become self-reliant and responsible in their communities.
“As TRM, I am very proud of this opportunity that we got. Coming back home here in Zimbabwe with the experience and knowledge I gained from this seminar in China, I would love to make sure I use everything I learned to make sure TRM gets more impactful as we stand to fight against drugs and substance abuse, early pregnancy and crime as well as standing firm to empower the youth of our nation to become effective and competent.
“Being part of the seminar in China on NGO capacity building was eye-opening to us. We got to see how China NGOs operate successfully and make an impact in their respective communities. It was so encouraging to see how the NGOs in China join hands together in working on goals that improve the lives of the people in their communities and support government initiatives.
“During the seminar, we had the opportunity to visit different communities and areas and had time to interact with people in communities as we got to hear their stories. I was so inspired to interact with youths who are doing different projects that are contributing to the growth of China’s economy such as the inventions of robots, drones, and advanced technological gadgets among others. We want to enforce such a spirit in our youth here in Zimbabwe using the resources that are within our reach,” said Matuka
Matuka further thanked His Excellency, Zhou Ding, the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe who facilitated for Teen Rescue Mission to be part of the NGO seminar saying that the seminar not only benefited them in learning how to make an impact as an organisation but also in learning how people in China preserve their cultural values.
“I want to thank the government of China for bringing these seminars as they stand to upgrade organisations in their area of work. The seminar was running under the theme “NGO Capacity Building for BRI Countries” and was hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and China Aid in Fujian Province, China.
TRM was in this seminar awarded a certificate on NGO Capacity Building.