Uganda’s NARO Licenses More Seed Companies to Boost Agriculture and Exports

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In a significant move aimed at bolstering the agricultural sector, the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) in Uganda has recently expanded its network of licensed seed companies.

With the addition of 10 new licenses, the total number of seed suppliers in the country has surged to 23. This strategic initiative is poised to enhance the availability of high-quality seeds, promising a ripple effect of increased crop yields, bolstered food security, and a stronger presence in international markets.

Seeding the Future: A Leap Towards Agricultural Prosperity

The decision by NARO to increase the number of licensed seed companies comes at a critical juncture for Uganda’s agricultural landscape. By ensuring a broader spectrum of farmers has access to quality seeds, NARO aims to uplift agricultural productivity and contribute significantly to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Dr. Yona Baguma, the Director General of NARO, emphasized the pivotal role of quality seeds in achieving agricultural excellence. He called upon the newly licensed companies, among them Variety Seed Company, Century Seed Company, and Equator Seed Company, to prioritize investments in infrastructure and skilled personnel to meet the growing demand effectively.


Expanding Horizons: Uganda’s Seed Market Goes Global

The licensing initiative is not only about satisfying local demand but also about capturing lucrative international markets. Uganda’s agricultural sector, particularly the maize grain export, has witnessed significant growth. This development has been attributed to the availability of quality and certified seeds, a factor that has enhanced the competitiveness of Ugandan crops on the global stage. Dr. Sadiq Kassim, Deputy Director General of NARO, highlighted the importance of certified seeds in securing a foothold in international markets, thereby driving export volumes and revenues.

Collaborative Efforts for a Thriving Seed Industry

The journey towards a robust seed industry is a collaborative one, involving both the public and private sectors. An operations manager from Golden Bull Uganda Ltd, one of the stakeholders in the seed industry, underscored the need for government support in importing machinery and developing infrastructure.

Such interventions are crucial for enhancing the efficiency and capacity of the seed production process, ultimately benefiting the entire agricultural value chain. The collective efforts of NARO, the licensed companies, and the government are set to lay a solid foundation for a sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector in Uganda.

In conclusion, NARO’s recent initiative to license additional seed companies marks a significant milestone in Uganda’s agricultural development. By fostering access to high-quality seeds, supporting infrastructure development, and targeting international markets, Uganda is poised to see remarkable improvements in crop yields, food security, and economic growth.

The collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved promise to transform the agricultural landscape, making it more resilient and competitive in the years to come.


Source: BNN