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Vaya Ride service gets positive customer feedback


Convenient, quick, safe and reliable

Cassava-on-Demand’s Vaya Ride service has received a boost from customers that have hailed the popular ride service for its convenience, cost-effectiveness, safety and reliability.
Barely three months after the online, Uber-like car ride service was launched in late October 2018, Vaya has quickly grown in popularity, especially with busy urban customers that value convenience and the efficient use of time.
Rutendo Pasipamire, a regular Vaya customer in Harare, last week said she used Vaya because it is convenient, has a very quick driver-response time and is affordable.
“I am actually grateful to Cassava for introducing Vaya when they did,” she said.
“For me the service couldn’t have come at a better time as it has helped me to be more productive by saving time I would spent looking for alternative transport,” said Rutendo about the ride service, which uses a mobile App from which a customer has the convenience to request a ride any time, from wherever in the city.
She went on to commend the Vaya service for being reliable, well priced, and professionally run.
“My experience with the service is that it is very reliable, and offers value for money, particularly when you consider the quality of service and how its drivers are also very friendly and well trained,” said the Vaya customer, adding that she has been using the service now for three months.
Tadiwa Mabasha, a regular Vaya customer from Harare described Vaya Ride as a great service, making particular reference to its pricing.
“From my experience, I think Vaya is a great ride service. I also think a big advantage they have is that their fares appear to be far better (lower) than those of most of their competitors,” he said.
He said Vaya had shaken the urban passenger transport market and brought good competition, “which can only be good for the customer.”
Keith Maphosa, a Vaya customer from Bulawayo, commended Vaya for its all-round convenience – including the ease with which customers can pay for the ride.
“Vaya has been quite useful and convenient for me. I like the fact that I can just request a taxi to take me to wherever I want without having to wait long. I also enjoy the convenience of the payment methods,” he said. Vaya fares can be paid online using a Card from the Vaya App, by EcoCash or using cash.
Another Vaya customer, Tracy Mbeulani, from Harare – where the service was first launched – lauded the Vaya ride service, describing it as “quite cool”.
“The Vaya ride service is quite cool actually, and very convenient too. It has made a big difference in the way I conduct my daily trips,” she said.
“I also think the price is OK, especially if you take into consideration the convenience you get and the courteous and respectful way drivers treat you,” she said.
Michelle Ndebele, from Bulawayo, also lauded Vaya’s convenience, saying she now used the ride hailing service almost on a daily basis because of its good pricing.
“Vaya has been very convenient to me. I have been using the service on an almost daily basis to conduct my personal errands because it is cheaper than ordinary taxis,” she said.
Mr Eddie Chibi, the CEO of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, the listed parent company of Cassava-on-Demand, recently told the media that Vaya now had over 10 000 drivers spread across Zimbabwe’s major urban centres.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende