Vendors urged to prevent cholera spread

By Patricia Mashiri

The Harare City Council has urged vendors to move to designated areas following the outbreak of cholera reported in Chegutu, Mashonaland West Province.

The outbreak was suspected to have been started at a funeral in the local village of Chegutu. The Harare City council is advising all vendors who handle food to practice good hygiene and move to areas with clean running water so as to wash the fruits and utensils they use.

Michael Chideme, the Harare City Council Spokesperson said all vendors must move to the the available designated areas.

“The designated places are safe and we think this will reduce cholera outbreaks. Everyone selling fruits should make sure that they have running water to wash them before selling to the customers.

“Those who sell sadza for instance at Fourth Street Bus Terminus should be registered with council so that they will be inspected to ensure that the places they are operating from are safe both to the environment and to the people. Those who don’t want to be registered should stop operating. I am sure this method will help in curbing the spread of cholera. The movement of vendors to this sites will promote cleanliness and promoter order in the city as we strive to meet the 2025 world class status,”Chideme said.

Vimbai Musanhu, one of the vendors at Fourth Street Bus Terminus vowed to resist relocation since she earns a living from selling sadza to touts and other vendors who sell clothes at the nearby flea market.

“We are not moving from here. I have made several customers and if I relocate I will have to start to get used to new people and the designated places are far from where people will be so I can’t risk my business because I’m looking after my kids from the money I earn here,” Musanhu said.

A tout who refused to reveal his identity also refused to move to the legal sites and urged the council to build toilets at the areas they want people to go to.

“The council should stop preaching about preventing the spread of cholera without making any action. We need toilets at the places which they want us to move to. Cholera is preventable but we need to work together, the public and the council,” Musanhu said.

The residents of Mbare Matapi flats have been urged to reduce the number of residents since the flats are accommodating more people than their carrying capacity.