Very soon Zimbabwean problems will be over: Bishop Tinashe Mazangwa


By Byron Mutingwende

Charismatic South-African based prophet and preacher, Bishop Tinashe Mazangwa has assured the nation that the Zimbabwean problems will be a thing of the past very soon.

Zimbabweans are enduring persistent economic hardships that were worsened by the recent fiscal and monetary policy statements by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank Governor John Mangudya.

The bond note tumbled dismally against the United States Dollar and the exchange rate skyrocketed. Manufacturers and retailers quadrupled the prices of the goods, a move that is resulting in empty supermarket shelves and untold suffering since the salaries and earnings of most people did not increase to match the price increases.

As others would opt to leave Zimbabwe because of the situation, Bishop Tinashe Mazangwa is singing a different song.
Many would remember the other article by Spiked Online Media which hinted at the Bishop’s return’s return to Zimbabwe. It is at last showing signs. In as much as the Bishop shuns publicity, the work which does and the messages that he had delivered before caused many to follow him.
In a recent interview Bishop Mazangwa strongly encouraged Zimbabweans to brace for restoration.
He said that the time for Zimbabwe is now. We will wait to see this after his first ever crusade in Zimbabwe that hat will take place in Mabvuku.
Those that know him are ready to receive prophetic utterances.
“Bishop Mazangwa Muporofita anonhonga tsono musaga rezviyo (Bishop Mazangwa has accurate prophecies to the extent that he is able to pick up a needle in a sack of corn.┬áHis popular, on point prophecies about Zimbabwe make us pay attention to whatever he says hence we invite Zimbabweans from all walks of life to attend his crusade at Mabvuku community Hall from 26 to 28 October 2018,” said Trynos Muchenga, the conference coordinator.
Trymore Bande will be the guest singer welcoming the Bishop home at the crusade. The Bishop has been described by many as a powerful preacher and real Prophet sent to liberate Zimbabweans.

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