Violent thunderstorms to be experienced: Met Department warns

By Patricia Mashiri and Joyce Mukucha

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has yesterday warned of violent thunderstorms in some parts of the country and urged the public to take pre-cautionary measures.

In a statement MSD said the tropical cyclone ‘Ava’ that has since weakened into a depression continues to move back further into the Indian Ocean and at the meantime, moisture is now entering Zimbabwe through Matabeleland Provinces, alleviating the relentless heat that currently affects the country.

“Therefore we are expecting increasing cloudiness, humid and hot weather with a fair amount of thunderstorm activity from midday,” said the department.

The department also said heightened risk that these storms may be violent with damaging winds and hail.

“Accordingly, the public is urged to stay indoors during these storms and avoid being caught in the open.

“Avoid sheltering under isolated trees or sheds,” reads the statement,” said the department.

Today’s temperatures in holiday resort areas are forecast to be high where Victoria Falls has a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 17.

Kariba has a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 17, Vumba has got 32(maximum) and 14 (minimum) and likewise Chimanimani with a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 14.

The department of also said it is expecting an increase in precipitation activity tomorrow 10, January 2018.