War Veterans Elective Congress: Mathibela-led Executive expresses reservations on Douglas Mahiya’s participation


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The Andrease Mathibela-led Executive that also claims the legitimacy of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has expressed reservations regarding the participation of Cde Douglas Mahiya, the ZANU (PF) Secretary for Veterans, Ex-political Prisoners, Detainees, and Restrictees in the announced elective congress to be held later this year.

The Secretary-General of the Mathibela-led ZNLWVA Executive, Cde Edward Dube, claims that their leadership was ushered in through the Extraordinary Congress held on 7 October 2023 following recognition by the government of its critical role in addressing the needs of war veterans and response to the government’s call for unity within the war veteran community.

“We are ready and willing to partake in the upcoming elective exercise provided it is conducted through a fair and transparent process. In our commitment to unity and transparency, the Mathibela-led executive has sought guidance from the government. We have reservations regarding the inclusion of Douglas Mahiya, a Politburo member and former executive in the defunct Masvingo Congress executive.

“As the legitimate ZNLWVA Executive before the elections ordered by Cde Mahiya and Minister July Moyo, we seek clarification on the determination of the electoral college, the financing of the electoral process, and the overall roadmap. We propose that national elections be held simultaneously in all provinces to ensure the participation of a larger number of war veterans, thereby achieving fairness and transparency.
“The electoral process should provide equal financing for the mobilization of district and provincial structures. Additionally, there should be unlimited access to these areas, as we have previously been prohibited by the government from convening our consultative meetings and have faced restricted access to state media. We look forward to a fair and transparent process that will strengthen unity within the war veteran community,” Cde Dube said.
However, Cde Moffat Marashwa, the leader of the other faction of the ZNLWVA, is singing from a different hymn book.
“There are no factions of the ZNLWVA. As legitimate leadership, we are membership-driven and duly registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO). Cde Mahiya and his cabal are not members of ZNLWVA and therefore, are not authorised to guide our association on how we should elect our members or conduct our day-to-day business. The ZNLWVA  is not an appendage of a political party. We exist to ensure the welfare of the veterans of the liberation struggle. We only listen to what President Emmerson Mnangagwa orders us to do since he is our patron, not anyone who is not a subscribed member,” Cde Marashwa said.