War veterans splinter group threatens newly-elected ZNLWVA executive


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A splinter group of liberation war fighters has threatened the newly-elected executive of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZLWVA) led by Moffat Elias Marashwa who was elected at an elective conference in Chegutu over the weekend.

Edward Dube, a war veteran who claims to be the substantive ZNLWVA Secretary-General, in a press statement released yesterday, said he noted with regret the emergence of another outfit claiming to be ZNLWVA, led by Elias Marashwa.

“While we acknowledge the democratic right of individuals to assemble and define their roadmap and structure, we are saddened by the division that has arisen among war veterans, which undermines the founding principles of our Association. The ZNLWVA was established to address the social and economic empowerment of our members, who have made immense sacrifices for the liberation of our country. It is disheartening to see our comrades divided along ideological lines, rather than working together to achieve our common goals.

“To protect the integrity of our Association, we will take appropriate action to prevent the bastardization of our brand. We will not allow any individual or group to misrepresent our values and principles. The ZNLWVA executive, elected on 7th October 2023, remains steadfast and resolute in maintaining its autonomy and independence. We are committed to upholding the principles of our Association and ensuring that our members’ interests are protected,” Dube said.
Currently, he said their faction of ZNLWVA is seized with several critical issues, including:
* Ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Zimbabwe Constitution, specifically Section 23(2) and 3(i), as well as the statutory provisions of the “Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Act Chapter 17:12 of 2020”.
* Finding solutions to the USD 2000 declaratory order, which has been a long-standing issue for our members.
* Addressing the arbitrary repossession of land and the unfulfilled 20% quota, which has denied our members the benefits they deserve.
* Providing material assistance to our heroic colleagues who are attending bail sessions, stemming from their grievances over pension payouts.
“We remain committed to fighting for the rights and welfare of our members, and we will not be deterred by attempts to divide us. We call on all genuine war veterans to remain united and focused on our common goals,” Dube added.