Bishop Tudor Bismark to unite Prophet Ambassador Angel and Doctor Batsirai Java


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Zimbabwean church leaders led by Bishop Tudor Bismark have called for quietness and off-media resolution between Prophet Ambassador Uebert Angel and Apostle Doctor Batsirai Java.
In a developing story, Apostle Java and Ambassador Angel will meet Prophet Wutawunashe and Bishop Bismark as their issue goes for resolve.
The standard newspaper dropped a bombshell on 24 March 2024, highlighting the alleged extortion attempt of Dr Java. Jacob Dube AKA Jay Israel accused Java of raping many women.
As a consequence, Java was to pay US$ 50,000 or get exposed by Israel’s best friend, Tinashe Chokubata. Tinashe Chokubata runs a blog titled Proff EX. Under that blog site, Proff Ex and Jay Israel specialize in exposing or accusing Pastors of wayward behaviour to make profits by extorting them. They as well allegedly make more profits through a scheme of naming and shaming popular preachers then cash in from the content it creates.
Jay Israel implicated his friend Proff Ex, Ambassador Angel, a lady he addressed as Nyasha, and another American-based lady who left Zimbabwe in 2010. Java was also blackmailed by a demand for an official public apology to Ambassador Angel for attacking him during a prophetic service at the 7 Arts Theatre back in 2023. Failure to do so, a slew of accusations were to be run by Proff Ex on his blog site, denting Dr Java’s reputation.
Things took a nasty turn through a revelation from a South African woman known as Sharon Munro that Dr Java was to be killed in an “attempted carjacking or attempted robbery. “
However, Zimbabwe church leaders have called for a private resolution away from the media. It is believed that Apostle Java and Ambassador Angel are to meet this week before a meeting with the Bishops next Monday. Apostle B Java and the Ambassador have known each other dating back to 15 years ago. Shockingly, the two former close friends have degenerated into each other’s villains through both preachers.