We must not be distracted by these dull side-shows

By Patson Dzamara
Regarding who among that ZANU PF gang gets to hell before the others, I don’t know and certainly don’t care.
As far as I am concerned, there is no better devil in that sulfurous pit called ZANU PF, whether G40 or Lacoste. Absolutely none. So I say let it burn. Let them burn to extinction their hades.
I wasted a good hour of my time watching a shallow and insipid documentary which was created by Jonathan Moyo in a bid to outmanouvre and score points against the Lacoste camp. I feel sorry for the poor ‘young’ man who was made to endure an hour of that dull presentation during a ZANU PF politiburo meeting. I wonder how many times the ‘young’ man zoned out into his now default hobby of sleeping during that lifeless and fictitious presentation.
I am not hereby defending Mnangagwa or his Lacoste faction. Like I said, I really don’t care who among that bunch gets to hell first .
What enraged me is how these grown men and women who are supposed to be directing their energy towards arresting the multi-faceted vagaries engulfing the country are finding nothing better than to rapture themselves in frivolity and petty ego contests. While the country teeters on the verge of a precipice they want us to cheer and ululate for them as they behave like drunk village monkeys. That is totally unacceptable.
The bottom line is that indeed factions in ZANU PF are not an illusion, they are a reality. What is incontestable however is the fact that we are being taken for a rude ride. It really seems as though that ZANU PF bunch has mastered the art of massaging our shocking propensity for trivia. They give us exactly that and we even kill each other over their nonsense while they laugh at us, sipping expensive wine in their mansions.
After all is said and done and after tearing each other up on social media over ZANU PF’s sunset madness, you and I are still jobless and we still have to grapple with the mess which was created by that incorrigible gang. If they want to kill each other in their hell space, let it be so but we must not be cheerleaders to that sordid affair or imagine we will ever gain anything out of it.
They don’t care about us. All this is about them, not about us. Let us not get distracted by their mendacity and madness. Our eyes must remain on the ball.