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Well-wisher heeds call to help the elderly


By Lovemore Chazingwa in Kadoma

Elderly inmates at a home for the aged in City of Kadoma, Rimuka Old People’s Home (ROPH), yesterday received goodies from a well-wisher who was doing it as a gesture of helping the needy, it is on good record.

Munyaradzi Matombo delivered a consignment of provisions to the elderly at the household for under-privileged elders in the sprawling high density suburb.

The home is located next to Rimuka High 1 and Chedonje Primary schools.

Such provisions consisted of foodstuff and toiletries.

“We are doing it as a way to just help those that are in need. We do not have any other interests vested in the institution except to show appreciation and respect for our elders.

“I encourage others who may have something to assist with to such situations, particularly, this home to come forward and be counted,” said Matombo after the donation.

The donation goes a long way in cushioning the lives of inmates at the  institution which was established in 1976 but does not have particular sponsors, save for City of Kadoma which stretches support through the department of social services.

While the department of social welfare, under Minister Sekesai Nzenza’s Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare does all it can, it is overwhelmed by demands from across sections of communities and resource constraints, such that, its support, inarguably, needs to be complemented at institutions like ROPH.

Mr Matombo is doing a lot of philanthropic work in City of Kadoma. He is chairperson at Jairos Jiri School for the Blind were he has made strides in sourcing resources for the special school. Matombo has mooted the idea of placing SOS points at strategic positions in the city to attract donations for the needy.

Speaking on the sidelines of the same occasion, caretaker at ROPH, Josephine Ariberito appreciated the kind gesture with hearty words: “As ROPH, we’re grateful for being remembered with such a kind gesture. It’s uncommon nowadays to have people like Mr Matombo who often comes in handy to assist us when he can. We feel humbled by his love and support.

“Visits and extension of support are lower these days maybe because of the economic situation we are in. However, we hope these efforts encourage like-minded people in our community and beyond.”

The home is run by Pastor Schevinious (pronounced Skenias) Bhasera chaired Kadoma Benevolence Association (KABA) in close coordination with the department of social welfare and City Fathers.

KABA committee member, Murombo Kurimakwaramba was present at the event.

Old people’s homes are a citadel and safety net for the aged who may not have relatives or anyone else to care for them to enjoy and live a normal life in the twilight of their living years.

They are an outpost of the department of social welfare in the parent MPSLSW, whose officials vet and select suitable residents to be accommodated at these homes.

Resource constraints have, nonetheless, hampered the smooth flow of life at these noble facilities.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende