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Why Devolution Should Start with Manicaland

It has been brought to my attention that the villagers of Chakohwa all the way to Mutambara will soon be moved to pave the way for the new diamond field that have been identified during the recent explorations for diamonds. There has to be some truth following the publication of the herald of 17 March 2017.

When it was first announced that the diamonds in Chiadzwa were going to benefit the community. The impression was that we would have the Manicaland University, Manica diamond and processing plant, etc.

The shock was to be advised that the grading, processing and even the polishing was going to be done in Mount Hampden in the Zvimba district after a large chuck had been smuggled to India and the middle east.

The last nail of the coffin was when the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellence Cde R.G. Mugabe said US$15 billion worth of diamonds were stolen and up to now not a penny has been recovered.

Following the failure of the Zimbabwe’s community share ownership trusts, set up by government to benefit poor communities in resource-rich areas of the Zimbabwe.

A new approach has to be adopted by creating a sustainable urban development plan through a collaborative community development initiative.

This initiative should involve the local government, companies operating in the area, and the high quality participation of the entire community of the area. Its purpose will be to address the shortcomings in the area and to propose an integrated, forward-looking approach to make the mining area attractive to its people and increase investment.

This community initiative should consider projects in the areas of infrastructure and urban development, environmental protection, local heritage, provision of water, power supply provision, educational improvement and employing only the local people.

All the projects should stimulate a more sustainable community. In order to develop the project portfolio, there has to be initiative sponsored direct participation through an open house, technical tables, forums, and open committees.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende