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Windmill impressed by ZAS grain farmers competition

Jubilant competition winners

Writes Lovemore Chazingwa

Agribusiness utility, Windmill, expressed satisfaction with this year’s grain competition as farmers tussle for honours at the ongoing 113th edition of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show (ZAS).

Windmill corporate communications head, Marceline Nyangoni said, “We went around the stands today. They’re well organized. The products on display are so impressive. The display is in sync with this year’s Zas theme, ‘Sustained Growth, Adaptation Productivity, Linkages’.

“We’ve young learners with their displays, that speak to sustainability. They’re groups working together, which enhances linkages. I urge you to plan and stick to those plans. Implement them and, at the same time, widen your scope of communication on various platforms. Adapt to modern technologies. Utilize ICTs to the best of your advantage in farming as a business.”

Adding, “Windmill is always ready for you the farmer throughout the year, in every season. We’ve enough shops and stockists to cater to you countrywide. There’s no need to rush to roadside or unregistered dealers for farming inputs. When there are challenges, we can easily rectify them if you transact with registered dealers. Otherwise, we keep our pledge to the best products always.”

Assurance of adequate stocks is key for agricultural development.

“We’ve enough fertilizers, chemicals, and stock feeds among our wide variety of products to meet your needs on the field.”
The company acknowledged the higher number of female participants at this year’s competition, “We’re also impressed and encouraged by the higher number of female competitors this time. When women are organized the household follows suit. We will support you all the way.”

A judge encouraged farmers to stick to the right criteria when bringing in produce for them to clinch prizes at their disposal.
The farmers’ grain competition is sponsored by Agriseeds, Charles Stewart, and Windmill.

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