Women to celebrate Independence Day with a Pool Tournament


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Writes Lorraine Muwuya
As the nation celebrates 44 years of Independence, female pool players from around Zimbabwe will celebrate it in style. It’s going down on Thursday the 18th of April, 2024 at Max Pool Academy in Westlea in a derby dubbed Women’s Independence Pool Tournament  (WIPT).
Players will battle it out to crown an Independent Queen of the Table.
A once male-dominated sport in and around Zimbabwe, the pool has seen women take up the challenge to prove their talent and skill in the game. This WIPT is set to be fireworks and one has to be in it to feel it.
In March 2024, a group from Zimbabwe went to China and represented the nation in the 12th HeyBall Championships. Among them were (4) women pool players namely Christine Sengwe, Prisca Mujakachi, Priscilla V. Chisoro, and Plaxcedes Machipisa.
The quartet might not have qualified to the top but they brought back a lot of expertise and fresh ideas to share with the rest of the ladies about the Heyball game.
The Pool among women has also become an empowerment tool as it has been a way to put food on the table for most, considering the unavailability of formal employment nowadays.
Through the weekly tournaments held in Harare, women meet, challenge each other, and take home prize money after winning.
As a gesture of goodwill, the WIP’T organisers have promised free accommodation for the first 4 ladies from outside Harare to register for the tournament. What a way to celebrate our Independence Day! Come one, come all, and witness different levels of prowess on the table. It’s a date.