Work with scientists to tell agriculture success stories, Kenya Editors’ Guild tells scribes

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Kenya Editors’ Guild Chief Executive Officer Rosalia Omungo has urged journalists to work with scientists to tell compelling agriculture stories.

Omungo noted that working scientists will ensure technologies that can be harnessed to build resilient farming systems are reported on and success stories amplified to ensure applicability.

She was speaking during a Press Club Luncheon in Nairobi on Monday.

The forum aimed to bring agriculture to the forefront of the editorial agenda and advocate for policy action to build resilient farming systems and achieve food security.

Omunga said that Africa has enormous potential to transform its food systems in the face of rising climatic shocks.

She acknowledged that climate change remains a threat to farming as was witnessed in Kenya earlier this year where floods were experienced.

“Through agriculture, Africa has great potential to transform its food systems in the face of rising climatic shocks. Climate change however remains a threat to farming,” Omungo said.

On his part, Vice President of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa(AGRA) Hamadi Boga expressed concern that Africa cannot feed itself despite having 60 percent arable land that can feed the world.

Consequently, he said as AGRA they are focused on fulfilling the vision of Africa feeding itself and the world, growing the economy, and transforming the agricultural sector into a thriving business.

Additionally, he has noted that good infrastructure will ensure people remain informed about market trends.

He further noted that they are working with African governments and different stakeholders to ensure that three million youth are employed in the agricultural sector.

Boga said opportunities are there in the agriculture sector including distribution and marketing.

Source: The Star