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Zanu PF scared of the young: MDC Youth Spokesperson

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) youth league has noted with great concern the statement issued on the 4th of December 2018 by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) on the revision of the constitutional provision of the presidential age limit from 40 years to 52 years.

“It is unfortunate that such statements come at a time when the political legitimacy of the incumbent Mr. Mnangagwa is still unresolved. We as the youth of the MDC see these statements as undemocratic, discriminatory, unprogressive and exclusionary tactics to silence the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and impede on the will of the Zimbabwean people.

“It is thus very clear that they know that the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa won the presidential election and they can’t stand the humiliation and fear another election so they would rather exclude him on disqualification. We would like to remind the ZNLWVA and reiterate with great emphasis that this country is not a personal property of either Zanu PF or the War Veterans which they can take for granted at will,” said Brian Dube, MDC National Youth Spokesperson.

He said the youths of this country are nowhere near any agenda of Zanu PF and the future is not their priority.

“We advise the War Veterans Association that we as the youth, the future of Zimbabwe, will do everything possible to fight the advancement of such a proposal from every front, be it political, social, constitutional or otherwise, to safeguard our democracy and the future of this country.

“These dictatorial power retention tactics have no place in the Zimbabwe we want to build and it is a pity that this is and has always been the focus of Zanu PF regardless of the fact that Zimbabweans are suffering as a result of their maladministration, bad governance and strategy deficiency. Let it be known that we’re prepared to safeguard and continue to advance the democracy that our liberation heroes fought for.”

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende