ZANU PF’s James Pande to donate blankets at Masvingo Provincial Hospital


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James Pande, a ZANU (PF) cadre who aspires to represent the ruling party as a Parliamentary candidate in the 2023 elections will donate blankets to Masvingo Provincial Hospital on 5 August 2022 to help patients who are having a tough time with the cold this winter.

The young politician revealed that he is working on a project to build a hospital in Masvingo in partnership with foreign investors because he feels it is high time locals improve their localities.

“I chose to make this timely donation to Masvingo Provincial Hospital because I grew up in the City and it’s also emotional to me. My mother passed on at this hospital and I feel I have a duty and responsibility to contribute towards saving lives at Masvingo Provincial Hospital.

“Previously I have donated goods to Mucheke Old People’s Home, and Alpha Cottages for the Orphans. I sponsored the Independence Trophy in support of an anti-drug abuse campaign that encourages young people to participate in sports and shun drugs. In the same manner, I also conducted a clean-up campaign at the Mucheke Bus Rank and I have supported some children with school fees. I also helped entrepreneurs with start-up capital for their projects. I have also supported the Decibel Trust with their talent show raising awareness of the dangers of drugs,” the maverick, youthful politician said.

Pande revealed he has plans to bring in investors to build infrastructure, especially health facilities so that they are well equipped.

“As you know, health is wealth and we must take advantage of the devolution process being spearheaded by H.E President ED Mnangagwa being implemented on the ground by the Minister of State for Masvingo Province Hon Ezra Chadzamira and his team in partnership with various stakeholders. I also feel I have a role to play in supporting youth and women’s development programs, especially for those that are marginalized and with disabilities.I am one person who is very passionate about empowerment and have worked under the Zimbabwe Youth Council as the Director for Empowerment during my youth days so through that experience, I can implement my ideas to benefit the people of Masvingo.

“In terms of social services like water, electricity, and refuse collection, it’s a matter of adopting modern standards in dealing with the problems and providing solutions through recycling of waste, and generating power through solar systems. The sun is for free so I don’t see any reason why I can’t bring potential players in the energy sector, especially solar. I am well connected at the international level. Same with water purification.

“I have already started engaging companies that have done successful water treatment projects in the region and they are keen to come and make sure the City gets clean water. Lake Mutirikwi is overflowing. The same with Tokwe Mukosi so there is absolutely no reason why residents must go for days without clean water,” Pande said.

He said peace is lovely and war is ugly so there is a need for all political players and parties to preach the gospel of peace ahead of the 2023 elections.

“We are one people. Let’s disagree to agree and be tolerant of each other and develop our country.Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo. (A country is built by its own citizens,” he added.