ZANU PF MP blames mismanagement on economic meltdown

ZANU PF Sanyati Member of Parliament Blessed Runesu Geza has denounced sanctions as the major cause if the county’s economic meltdown.
Speaking from his farm in Sanyati, Geza popularly known as Bombshell said gross financial mismanagement has caused the nation’s untold suffering.
“Its time we stop blaming sanctions for our own failures because they are not the major causes of our financial situation but gross mismanagement by those in power,” said Geza.
He said many government policies are only good on paper but greedy individuals make it impossible to implement them.
“We have had so many policies but show me one of these which have been successfully implemented. Our people are suffering. We have had enough of the blame game.
“Its time we stop and check our wrongs, all that money intended for development that has been abused by a few greedy individuals for their own gratification,” he said.
Geza further questioned the success of the land reform program which saw white commercial farmers being chased away to pave way to indigenous farmers.
“Can we say the land invasion was a success when a lot of the farms that used to feed the whole nation while producing extra for export are going to waste?,” he said.
“A lot of these farms lay uncultivated while our people are suffering. How many times were people given inputs and loans they never pay back but still nothing improve?”
Geza added that many other policies are suffering the same fate and called fellow legislators and colleagues in government to task.
“We need to come together and work towards improving the lives of those who elected us to power while serving those who did not so that we may prove ourselves worthy of their votes,” said Geza.
“We can’t keep serving our selfish interests while our people toil in poverty.”
Geza said reform is needed so that we the country may boost investor confidence.
“It can’t be ignored that close to 300 people are loosing their jobs everyday because companies are closing down.
“We need to create employment by engaging foreign investors but these investors are not going to gamble their money without assurance that their investments are safeguarded and as it is right now people are not so confident with some of our policies thus reform is needed and fast,” he said.