Zim Rugby players find green pastures in South Africa


By Kudzayi Zvinavashe

South African rugby arguably has the best rugby players in Africa, the much talked about Craven week has been one particular platform that has seen most of our local promising and upcoming rugby players getting scholarship offers to be part of South Africa`s grassroots level of rugby.

One of the reasons that can be attributed to the success of rugby in South Africa is their rugby season is longer than Zimbabwe`s and they have pre-season training that ensures students exercise even after the rugby season to ensure they stay in shape. As if that is enough, students that play rugby are expected to perform academically as they would not be allowed to play if they seem to face challenges with their school work.

Kyros Sports, a local sports agent has lobbied scholarships for 14 rugby players over the years. The scholarships are for exceptional rugby prestigious South African schools such as Dale, Northwood high school and Maritzburg College. These colleges are known have a culture of rugby and have groomed talent for the Springboks, some of these schools are training grounds for major rugby teams which gives the budding rugby players to interact with established players on a personal level. Most of their rugby games are usually watched by scouts which is a great platform for them to cross over from school rugby to club level.

Kyros has ensured these budding rugby players come back to play for Zimbabwe national team in any case they are chosen through an agreement that obligates the players to serve the country for 4 years.

Nyasha Muchochomi, Kyros business development director said, “some of the boys we got scholarships for have been playing for Sharks U16, Lions U16 and 18. We also have other boys set to play in either Sharks or Lions or Western province U21 next year while some other will be playing in the University cup”

One such success story is of exceptional rugby player is Kudzai Munangi who plays center, said, “Kyros have been quite helpful in sourcing a scholarship for me I could have never imagined considering rugby as a career but now I can, I even changed from playing center and I am growing into my new position”

Kyros sports agency has been diversifying into other sports mostly minority sports such as shooting, tennis, golf among many others. There is a scouting for talent that is currently on the cards and is billed to see 100 exceptional sportsmen being groomed and being prepared to break into the international sporting scene.