Zee World Weekly Highlights 24th February – 1st March 2020


Snatched: Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

The wedding anniversary celebrations begin, during the anniversary celebrations, the family portrays Trilokchand and Ilaichi’s love story through a performance. Shreya calls the committee members of Ayush’s boxing club and tells them that he has taken bribe from his opponent. Kammo tells everyone that she has a marriage proposal for Avani and that she is taking her along to meet the suitor. Ilaichi gives her mother’s necklace to Vinati for safe keeping, so that Avani can wear it on her engagement. Shreya’s mother gives her another idea to get Bhushan’s cousins chucked out of the house. Shreya offers to give all the ladies a facial and steals the keys to locker in which Vinati has kept the necklace.

Deception: Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166

It’s a war between Supriya and Pooja and Naren has to choose whether to listen to his mother or his wife. Naren is working at the office under Rahul making ends meet for his sick father. Naren feels betrayed by Pooja for not wanting to get intimate with him at night, he turns to Surbhi for comfort. Naren is arrested for drug smuggling and while he’s in jail Surbhi poisons his mind deceiving him about Pooja. Naren and Pooja might lose all the billions under her name.

Ring of Fire: Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

While Shriti continues being bullied by her mother-in-law, Ragni is being bullied by her own husband. Shristi is accused of cheating in her exam. Ragni gets drunk and embarrasses her husband in front of his business partners and friends from varsity. Ragini tries to keep Anurag from finding out the truth about financial aid from Vikral.

Gangaa 2 ( Ends 29th March): Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Radika finally meets the women she has been dying to meet this whole time. Gangaa finally discovers where Radika has been running off to every night, it leaves her feeling very uncomfortable and jealous. Asha is concerned about Gangaa and Shiv’s relationship. Shiv builds a new school named after Sagar. It’s Asha and Shiv’s wedding day but things turn sour when Gangaa realises that Asha’s intentions are of no good. Pratab is arrested for attempted murder.


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